Xbox One S Laptop For Sale!

I’m now taking offers on the Xbox One S Laptop we built on the Ben Heck Show last fall.

Size: 17″ x 9.5″ x 1.75″

Weight: Appx. 6 pounds.

Display: 15.9″ 1080p

Storage: 1TB

Power: 110VAC (no battery)

Includes: Power cable, LCD remote (provides additional functions) and Xbox 1 S Controller

Email offers to, thanks!

Original episode covering its construction here:

Xbox One S teardown video: Podcast Episode 99


Almost to 100! It only took us 11 years… Joining us once again is Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

Topics include:

    • Bill Paxton Tribute
      • His early days. Parker likes him because he’s a Texan.
      • Greatest hits! Our best Bill Paxton impressions!
      • Some of his lesser-known movies, like Traveller and Next of Kin, includes how to spell Traveller.
      • Ben keeps talking about Indian Summer for some reason, and calls Paxton “a progenitor of an archetype”.
    • Battlefield 1 – Best Battlefield since Bad Company 2?
      • Real locations, instead of tunnels and gas factories. Cities feel like actual places, not just corridors.
      • Meaningful destruction and more squad focus.
      • Fewer overpowered vehicles, more infantry action.
      • Satisfying guns in all classes, but game takes about 20 hours of play to become fun. Don’t give up!
    • Ben’s Never Played Mass Effect – Jones / Parker react!
      • Can they convince him to give it a try?
      • How Jones/Parker feel about the original trilogy.
      • Choice Matters, plus great story and characters.
      • Andromeda? Is it Road House in space?
    • Nintendo Switch Week!
      • Is it just a Zelda adapter?
      • Can Nintendo survive another generation without 3rd party?
      • What if Microsoft bought Nintendo?


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We decided to see what would happen if we had NO TOPICS WHATSOEVER! Joining us once again is Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

And here’s what happened:

    • What exactly were the Cider House Rules?
    • Worst Videogame Movies?
      • Super Mario Bros.
      • Street Fighter The Movie
    • Is Mario’s hat… ALIVE???
      • Didn’t Zelda have a living hat once too?
      • Did Link and Zelda ever get it on? Will they in “Breath of the Wild”? Is Link in the friend zone?
      • Is being a Jedi an STD?
      • ROAD HOUSE!
    • Why the hell does Ben think Back to the Future should be remade?
      • A teen from 2017 in 1985 would be FAR more out of place than a teen from 1985 in 1955.
      • “Time Boy”
      • Logan’s Run would also be a good movie to remake because the theme has become more relevant with time.
      • Ben also wants a Rocketeer remake, but who could replace Jennifer Connelly?
    • Ben Affleck no longer directing “The Batman” – but WHY?
      • Which of our friends could or could not fight each other based off our mother’s names.
    • A long tangent about Diane Lane Amy Adams Shared Universe
      • We try out
      • The Nintendo Switch, which has nothing to do with Diane Lane (unless she pre-ordered one)
      • Arms: The Sequel to Lips.
      • Cargo pants VS Parachute pants.
      • Does Charlie Sheen have enough money to beat AIDS?
      • Ben’s idea for a TV show called “Death Race”.
    • New podcasting software Zencastr
      • All new websites have “E’s” missing.
      • What are “Gray Jedis”?
      • Why do Stormtroopers even wear armor?
      • Captain Phasma sucks!
      • Will they digitally bring back Carrie Fisher?


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We’re back after missing a month in November 🙁 To make up for this, this final podcast of 2016 is extra-long and has a guest star Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

You can check out Parker’s own podcast by clicking here.

Our extra-rambling podcast topics today are:

  • Star Wars: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    • Jones and Parker liked it a lot, Ben didn’t. We argue about the movie’s flaws and merits.
    • What did they change with the reshoots?
    • Would the Empire actually put a data center on a tropical paradise planet? What Star Wars planet might be a better choice?
  • Thoughts on the Movie Going Experience
    • Regular theaters VS Alamo Drafthouse
    • Movie reel splicing.
    • Are the prices too insane for families?
    • Home TV keep getting better and cheaper – how is this affecting theater attendance?
    • Will there ever be new-release movies streamed straight to the home?
    • New services can destroy old ones (Uber)
    • Jones’ family owned a Betamax player – never before heard story!
    • Do Texans really carry guns everywhere?
  • Discussing the Nintendo Switch with a Nintendo fan
    • Jones and Ben are well-known Nintendo critics. For an outside perspective, we discuss the Switch with Parker, who still likes Nintendo.
    • Can it succeed? Will 3rd parties port to it?
    • Should Nintendo just go 3rd party themselves?
    • What videogames could make good movies? (Apparently not Assassin’s Creed…)
    • Jones and Parker try to convince Ben to buy the Mass Effect Trilogy.


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I’m getting over a cold, so please excuse my weak voice and any coughing I couldn’t quite edit out.

Juicy topics includes:

  • The Nintendo Switch Reveal
    • Our thoughts on the reveal trailer.
    • Do 6 star hotels exist?
    • We try to remember the name of the Wisconsin city “Kenosha”
    • Who is this product for? xWill 3rd parties support it?
    • What the system needs to do in order to have a chance.
  • Microsoft Surface Products and new Apple Macbooks
    • MS is going for the markets Apple has traditionally held.
    • Why Microsoft should concentrate on enterprise customers.
    • Could a Surface Phone ever exist?
    • Is Apple screwing their most loyal customers? Do they even care?
    • How do you pronounce “Wacom”?
  • Bethesda’s new Game Review policy 
    • They are no longer giving out advance review copies.
    • Only available to critics one day before launch.
    • Why are they doing this? We discuss reaons beyond knee-jerk reactions.
  • Ben finally sees the Ghostbuster remake!
    • (Trigger warning: I kind of liked it)
    • Jones discusses how it compares to Paul Feig’s previous movies (which I have not seen)
    • How the original Ghostbusters painted itself into a corner in such a way that made sequels difficult and remakes easier.
    • Jones has noticed Tom Cruise has had a lot of recent movies with strong female leads.
    • How other recent movies have given women strong roles without just doing a “gender swap”.
    • Then Jones and I go completely off topic and discuss Bram Stoker’s Dracula and The Rocketeer.


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The framed Mad Magazine comic I mention during the podcast.
The framed Mad Magazine comic I mention during the podcast. Podcast Episode 95


A bit late this month, but here we are! Topics include:

  • Looking back on Bioshock
    • Why there are so many “remasters” of last-gen games.
    • Our thoughts on Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite.
    • The problems with Bioshock Infinite, muddled message.
    • Rapture VS Columbia.
    • What we’d like to see in a new Bioshock game – our “Moontopia” pitch.
    • BTW the Bioshock-related word we couldn’t think of was “objectivism”.
  • Movie budgets
    • Why are they so high? Who are greenlighting these dumb concepts?
    • Type of cheaper movies they could be making.
    • Spreading out risk by taking more risks.
    • More complaints about Marvel movies drifing too far from reality.
  • Video card specs and prices
    • Prices are high for the best stuff – is it worth it?
    • Forza Horizon 3 on Windows 10 requires DirectX12 – why?
    • Consoles vs PC.
    • Why are PC’s lasting longer these days between upgrades.
    • Ben talks about his ancient keyboards.


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We ramble more than usual this month! Topics include:

  • No Man’s Sky / planet math
    • We learn some new number types as we discuss the alleged number of No Man’s Sky planets.
    • Why it would take insane amounts of server space to actually save all 18 quintillion possible planets & custom names.
  • If Ben and Jones ran for president / vice president
    • Pot.
    • A long, boring, discussion about the age of candidates.
    • Our proposed “Irony / Coincidence Mis-use Tax”
  • More PS4 / PS4K Neo news
    • Console market trying to become like cel phones
    • Will it go down in history as a watershed “stupid” idea, like 32X, 5200 and Atari Jaguar?
  • Movie stuff! 
    • Sony’s crappy early 90’s movies, like Hudson Hawk & Hook.
    • Our idea for a crappy network comedy.
    • Ben watches some movie remakes! Why are things called remakes when they aren’t.
    • Jones saw Suicide Squad, and didn’t commit suicide like some reviewers did.
    • Tom Cruise: The Last Movie Star / Samurai Who Will Fight a Mummy
    • GI Joe AKA Live Action Team America
  • Stranger Things, the Right Kind of Reboot
    • A long, boring story about my noise-canceling headphones.
    • What we didn’t like about Super 8.
    • Why people like it more than all the remakes/reboots
    • Emily Blunt & NBC Comedy Action Terrorist Fighters


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