Podcast Episode 87


Yes, we are really trying to get back to doing one of these per month! Topics include:

  • Marvel movie fatigue:
    • Are they all becoming too similar?
    • Will characters ever die?
    • Are the TV / Netflix series actually better?
    • Fire-proof bras
    • English addresses & Paul Bettany.
  • Shared universes – every movie is getting one! But why?
    • What shared universe series are coming?
    • Which ones might work.
  • What Actually Sucks About Going To The Movies.
    • Attendance keeps going down year after year.
    • Why are people not going to movies anymore?
    • Home video streaming offering a better service than even Blu-Rays – why?


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A new episode already? That’s right, it’s the Star Wars Holiday Special where we discuss:

  • How accurate our predictions for The Force Awakens were (what we got right and wrong)
  • Discussion about the film – what we liked best and least.
  • Things it did better than A New Hope, and things it did worse than The Phantom Menace (oh yeah we go there!)
  • How Jar Jar Binks could have been redeemed and why he should come back.
  • Much argument over what Robin Wright Penn’s current name is.
  • How the new Planet of the Apes movies do right what the recent Terminator movies have done wrong


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Remember us? We’re back with a new double-length Holiday Special episode!

Topics include:

  • Games we’ve been playing since the last podcast (a year and a half ago!)
  • Fallout 4 extensive discussion.
  • The length of movies these days, and how to get them approved for China.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and what kind of conversations the Emperor would have with his Death Star Insurance Agent.
  • Why people embrace in-continuity sequels (Star Wars, Creed, Jurassic World, Fury Road) but reject remakes / reboots. Plus discussion on the controversial Ghostbusters remake.
  • How the movie industry may be heading for a crash.
  • The current state of Nintendo, what we think the upcoming NX console will be, and what we’d rather they make instead.


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More info regarding Single Handed Controllers

I have not forgotten about everything asking for these. However I continue to be very busy. Hopefully once we get past our shop move there will be more time to address these before the holidays.

A PS3/PS4 version is not looking likely. Unfortunately those controllers use a type of silk screen circuit that is not easily hackable. We will also be looking into if the older Xbox 360 version is worth continuing, or if we should go next-gen only.

The main goal is doing whatever results in the most controllers being available. All emails are being collected into a folder so we can respond to you once ready – stay tuned!

Site Update

I have recently refreshed my site to a new web server – hopefully this will improve speed and reliability.

The Forums have been updated to the latest phpBB as well. We still have registration disabled (bots have become out of control) but it’s a great place to search and find lots of existing info in the meantime.

If you run into a problem, please let me know via email! Thanks and please continue to enjoy the site!