videoPage(whichPage, which folder, clip0, clip1, priority, vectorPage, vidCommand)

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Loads a video page in memory with specified file and parameters.


Which video page in memory the file should be loaded to, from 0-7.

folder, clip0, clip1

Select the folder and file to load.

Example: videoPage(7, 'S', 'R', 'P', 255, 7, loadInt) loads DMD/_DS/SRP.vid

Folder names must be _DA to _DZ, filenames must start with the same letter as folder, second and third characters can be any legal FAT32 filename characters.

Filenames must adhere to the 8.3 format and should be typed in all caps.


The priority of the page. Any interrupting video (using the loadInt command) must have the same or higher priority level else it will not be shown. Set important mode/rule video priorities high, and less important things like slings and pops videos lower.


This is the page (0-7) the system will jump to when the video ends. It can jump back to itself, or to other pages to create display loops. If two layers of video of different lengths are running, jump occurs when the shortest video ends. If video is running backwards, system jumps when the beginning of the file is reached.

Example: videoPage(0, 'S', 'R', 'P', 255, 0, loadNew);

Starts immediately and loops back to itself (repeats).

Example: videoPage(1, 'S', 'R', 'A', 255, 2, loadNormal); videoPage(2, 'S', 'R', 'B', 255, 0, loadNormal); videoPage(0, 'S', 'R', 'C', 255, 1, loadNew);

Loads SRA into page 1, SRB into page 2, and SRC into page 0, with a command to start playing page 0. After Page 0 plays it vectors into page 1, which vectors into Page 2, which vectors back to page 0 completing the loop.

When setting up loops like this load in the first page last and include the loadNew command to start playback on that video.


Tells the system what to do with this page we just loaded into memory.

loadNormal - Sets up a video page but doesn't run it yet. Use this to set up a video loop (perhaps 1-2 videos) and then use LoadNew for the final video to set it up and start the loop. loadNew - Sets up video page and immediately loads it. Use this when you want to start a new loop. loadInt - Use this command to interrupt a loop with a single video. Only runs if priority is higher or equal to priority of the video already playing. When this video ends, system returns back to the loop. You don't need to specify a vectorPage with this command. loadQueue - If you need a few videos to go one after another, but you're not sure how many, use this command. (Not yet implemented)


videoPage(7, 'S', 'R', 'X', 200, 0, loadInt);

If current video is priority 200 or lower, system runs file SRX on page 7, then returns back to previously playing loop. If an interrupt video is called while an interrupt video of the same filename/page is playing (such as successive pop bumper hits) the new calls will be ignored until the video finishes and goes back to the main loop.