See the original VCSp at Gizmodo Gallery in New York

I have lent my original project, the Atari VCSp, to the Gizmodo Gallery showing that takes place in New York this week.

Wow this is an old photo! It still looks the same.

Visit this site to read more about it, and if you’re in the area, why not stop by to see it as well as many other uniques products?


  1. Any chance that you’d make a few Phoenix models next year? I missed my chance the first time and have been hating myself for it ever since.

  2. Hi there, I discovered this web site by someone on eB** who did post a great picture of that model!!! I would really love to have a chance to have one of those great portable machine for the Atari 2600… By any chance please let me know if that could be possible .. Tks in advance !