The Continued Story of the Neo Geo MVS Portable...


The screen to use was a no-brainer for me. The Sony PS1 Screen of course! See, an arcade machine uses RGB for the video. Not even "component" like a DVD player but real honest-to-goodness RGB. Well the awesome little Sony screen can use that as input! How's that for cool?


The first "test of REAL proof" The system running with everything hooked up. Worked fine, it was time to think about STEREO SOUND...

OK, it's now working with a PSone screen. Real RGB, how about those apples?

Wow! (Or something to that effect)

And don't worry, it's gonna use both PSone speakers. A Neo Geo without stereo sound would be a mortal sin!

Hm. The MV-1C board must be a mortal sinner then - it's MONO ONLY.

BEN, in the style of Darth Vader

Yeah, pretty lame huh?

Darn it, there's got to be stereo signals on there SOMEPLACE! I will find them or DIE TRYING!

After an exhaustive 5-minute search (during which I did not die) I found the stereo signals on the MV-1C:

Gotcha, suckers!

It's this little 8 pin IC over by the main volume pot. Very similar actually to the spots to get stereo sound from a 1997 model mini-SNES. I also cut the traces after this IC that combined the signal and removed the large audio amplifier (the blank solder spots on upper left) I now had stereo! The Neo Geo MVS Portable would not commit any mortal sins on MY watch!

(For a high-res photo of the traces on the back of the board to cut, visit the Downloads page)

Now it's time to cram all this stuff inside a case!

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