Using the Atari 2600 / PS2 Combo System


First you plug in the external power supply. This box contains the original 110 VAC - 12 volt DC power supply from the PS2. The cords are long so you can hide it behind a speaker or something. Flipping the switch ON allows power to the system itself.

Alternate Power!

Next up are the controls. Note how some are double function. All the switches in the Atari are DPDT so creating isolated circuits with them is easy!

Joysticks, controllers and memory cards plug into the back as shown below. (Note: Paddles DO NOT work with this unit - sorry to bust your Warlord party plans :(

This photo looks strange, I know!

Then you're ready to play! The custom Atari cartridge slot needs to be handled with care as it's, well, custom. It's important to insert and pull out cartridges straight and not at an angle, which may break the cartridge door-opening tabs (seen in controls photo above)

Grand Theft Enduro, anyone?

This story has a happy ending. I sold the unit and bought some beer. Mission accomplished!

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