Here you can purchase DVD's of my films using Paypal to get them shipped right to your door! Amazing!

Adventure Double Pack! DVD

Both Adventure movies (Adventure! and The Adventurous) on one single-layer DVD-R. (Plays in most DVD machines built after 1998) Comes in a full-size DVD case with graphics. NTSC format (America/Japan). Total playtime of both movies: 2 hours 45 minutes.

Price: $20, includes shipping to the continental United States. Click this Paypal button to order:  

Note: Due to compression and the age of the original analog tapes used for transfer there is some pixilation in a few isolated areas of "Adventure" "The Adventurous", being digital in origin, is not affected.


The Lizard of Death on DVD!

It's nothing too fancy, just has a drive-in movie menu screen, chapter stops and that's about it, but it will allow you to watch The Lizard of Death in the privacy of your own home!

Here's how:

1) Use Paypal to send $15 US (this price includes shipping to the continental United States) to

2) Include your ship-to address in the payment info.

3) Expect the disc in a short time. He may let a few orders pile up so he can burn a batch at once.

4) Get DVD and enjoy the 1950's camp!

Please note that these discs are not being made by me but by the person (Ben Koelsch) whose email/Paypal account is listed above. Therefore, any DVD-related questions should be directed to him. (He's a friend of mine who has a DVD burner basically)


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