Photos for Podcast Episode 11


   Here's some photos I snapped regarding a topic in Episode 11 of our podcast. Sorry I didn't manage to snap any Zombie Apocalypse-related photos, play Dead Rising for that.

The "Lair of Jones"
An HD-DVD of King Kong running in VGA mode on a nice 19" LCD monitor. Uses my Xbox 360 VGA mod.

More Gears of War swag
The HD-DVD sitting atop the 360. I can't help but think of the Sega CD-ROM 32-X...

Live in your world. Spend shitloads of money in ours.
Jones is CLEARLY a Sony fanboy.

"The rare HD-DVD drive begins its mating ritual on the fields of the Savannah..."
Get a room.

It is now the 1600 lb gorilla
Talk about redundant.

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