Main Cast and Crew

The parties involved with making the film.





Derek Novy - "Steve"

  Plays the main character Steve, a struggling entry-level architect who pines for the woman of his dreams...

Michelle Novy - "Erica"

  The love interest of the film.

Ben Heckendorn- "Ben"

   A friend of Steve's who is willing to give Steve an aggressive push in the right direction (towards Erica) to get him "off the singles market"

Jason Jones- "Mike" / Production Assistant

  Another friend of Steve's who helps Ben in his quest. 


Reid Hanson- "Ryan"

  An old friend of Erica's who may jeopardize Mike and Ben's entire operation.

Heather Setterlund- "Tiffany"

  The secretary at the place Steve and Erica works. She's there to lend a caring hand in Erica's time of need.

Dale Nauertz- Co-screenwriter / grip

  Also appears as several bit characters.

  Ben Koelsch

  Assistant producer and assistant cameraman. Also plays the gas station manager.

  Dave Bailey- "Rick"

  A projectionist at a local movie theatre in the movie.

  Carolyn Peckham- "Mandy"

  A saucy bar floosey Steve brings home one night like a stray cat.

  Gordon Glass- "Boss"

  "The man" at the firm where Steve and Erica works.

  Steve Wagoner- "Jason"

  Erica's ex-boyfriend.

  Jesse Peckham- "Eli"

  Ticket booth guy in a theatre

  Dave Frank- "John"

  The star of a public service announcement called "SADSACK"

  Mike Adsit- "Gus"

  A mysterious lighthouse keeper, obsessed with November 1975.