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This is the aptly-named section of my web site with stuff for you to download. Enjoy!


DS Surgeon Wallpaper

Gorn in the USA Wallpaper

Plans for my Neo Geo arcade cabinet
Now you too can make an arcade cabinet like mine - why buy someone else's when you can build your own?

NES-to-Famicom Cartridge Pinout Chart, plus some other info (PDF)
Using existing info, plus an ancient schematic I found in a warehouse slated for destruction, here's what I believe to be the most accurate cartridge pinout for the NES/Famicom. Use it to build an adapter to play cartridges on your pirate Super Joy, hack your NES, whatever you please.

Neo Geo MV-1C Stereo Audio Mod

PIC 1 (Where to get the left and right signals)

PIC 2 (Which traces to cut on the board behind this spot)

Michael Bay's 2001 A Space Odyssey
Just for fun, this is what it would have been like if Michael Bay had directed the classic movie! (Quicktime, about 36 megs)

Vagabond 2000 Demo
See it in action! Yahoo! (Quicktime, about 3 megs)

Radica Sega Genesis ROM-to-Cartridge pinout
Add a cartridge slot to the cheap Radica Sega Genesis thing. You'll need a 64-pin card-edge connector with a .1 pitch. (You're on your own for that one)

PS2 two (or whatever it's called) Photos!: Front of motherboard, rear and DVD drive
I just got one of these things and for some strange reason I felt compelled to open it up and measure/photograph all the main parts. The above photos are the actual size of the pieces so if you print them out/load them into a program they're 100% the actual size of the actual thing. Ya dig?

Pirate NES NOAC pinouts
Apparently people are interested in this file, so here it is!

NESp (built by hand) Demo Video
See the NESp running a rousing game of Castlevania 3! And don't worry - I am wearing shorts in this video! (QuickTime format, about 4 megs)

VCSp Rev 6 "Making Of" Video
Watch in sheer amazement as I build a VCSp! (QuickTime format, about 12 megs) 

VCSp Revision 5 Plans
Files that can be used for the creation of parts to build a VCSp Rev 5! (WinZip format, about 1 meg) 

SNESp Demo Video
The SNESp gets a work-out in this short yet effective tour-de-force! (QuickTime format, about 820k) 

The "Portable Crusader" Wallpaper!
A serial novel that never was, but should have been!

High Res 1200x900 (JPEG, about 1.27 meg, suitable for printing)

Set you wallpaper to "Stretch" and it should fit pretty good.

PSp In Action Video!
See the PSp running in this video featuring clips from games. (QuickTime format, about 2.85 meg) 

PSp Wallpaper
Very similar to the Rev 5 Wallpaper, but it's not a Rev 5, of course! (JPEG, about 92k) 

VCSp In A Cave Wallpaper
Jules Verne in his wildest dreams could not conjure up an image as adventurous as this one! (JPEG, about 328k) 

VCSp Rev 5 Wallpaper
It looks like a painting so it'll stand up to the harshest hi-resolution monitors. (I hope) (JPEG, about 443k) 

Atari VCSp in action
A short video clip of the Atari VCSp playing Solaris.
(QuickTime format, about 1.33 meg)

Vagabond Beta Demonstration
As of this writing (12/13/00) the Vagabond isn't finished yet, however, I hooked all the parts together and took a video of it running off battery power. A good chance to see the guts of the unit! Includes the as-usual boring explanation of what's what. 
(QuickTime format, about 3.8 meg)

Super-Awesome Totally Cool Win-Amp Skin!
If you like Atari and you like Win Amp, then stop whatever you are doing and download this custom skin I made!
(Win Amp skin format, about 88 k, 40 k more than my Atari 800 had)

Easy to use! (I hope)

Download and save the file. It'll be called ATARI.WSZ. Locate it on your computer using Windows Explorer and double click it to update WinAmp.
 To un-update (but why would you want to?) right click on the Win Amp player, select "Skins", then choose "Base Skin" or whatever skin you had before. Presto.

A pulse-pounding number-guessing and shotgun blasting 3D adventure game! Programmed for the Atari 800 computer, this disk image should work with most emulators. For more information visit the StripFunMaze page.

Contains some mild language and "violence" of the pixel-laden variety. Recommended for players 15 and up.

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