A Riveting 3-D Action Adventure! Only for the Atari 800 computer! (Power Without the Price)

A little history to put this debacle in perspective...

In 1990 I programmed a game for my Atari 800 computer called "Funmaze" It was intended to be an Atari 2600-style action adventure game, meaning your character was a square and wandered around a maze (which apparently was "fun")

A few years later I got into the habit of programming TI-80 series graphing calculators. They had a strange Pascal-like language but a person was able to make crude graphics and get input. This prompted me to make the "Stripfun" series. Typically you had a mission to explore a maze of some sort and you battled enemies by playing "guess the number" Every wrong guess you lost an article of clothing. When you got down to nothing you died of frostbite or lost HP. Best of all, it looked like you were actually working on something in Chemistry class!

A few years later still I decided to program a game for the Atari 800 that would merge the franchises. It was called "StripFunMaze" and you had to traverse 3D mazes fighting bad guys. To beat them you had a double-barreled shotgun or to save bullets you could StripFun them, complete with crude icon of how many clothes you had left. Power-ups included MedKits and a coat (which gave you an extra chance when guessing numbers) Most of the 90k disk was taken up with the between-rounds "story"

A few years ago I used my SIO2PC cable to transfer some of my old Atari disks into images on my PC (then my Atari disk drive died) But I got StripFunMaze copied so it's available to anyone curious enough to load it up on an emulator and try it out.

Features include:

  • High-resolution (320x240) graphics

  • A detailed and engrossing storyline!

  • Variety of enemies to fight and items to acquire

  • 8 levels to conquer!

Watch out Doom 3!
Actual in-game graphics!

To download the ATR disk image click here or visit the Downloads page. Run the game using an emulator such as Atari800Win. Set to No Artifacting, OS-B 48k and make sure BASIC is inserted!


UP- Walk forward through doors
DOWN- Press down to choose Stripfighting over Shotgunning
LEFT- Turn left
RIGHT- Turn right
TRIGGER - Fire shotgun


Number keys & return: Enter your Stripfun number guesses
SPACEBAR- Displays map (Costs 10 HP)
S- Save game
L- Load game

This game is rated PG-13 for some mild language and "violence" (Nothing any worse than you'd see on network TV though!) Still, because of this I'm obligated to disclaim that it's recommended for gamers 15 and up.


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