VCSp Revision 7 - VERSUS - The Nintendo DS Lite


   Continuing a time honored tradition of this site it's time to pit my VCSp Rev 7 against the fairly new Nintendo DS Lite. FIGHT!

Category 1 - SIZE

They should just get a room
The DS Lite on top of the Rev 7. Having small cartridges really helps the DS.


In this manner the DS clobbers my Rev 7 hands-down. With an Atari you're stuck with large cartridges, while the DS uses ones barely larger than a camera's SD card. Oh well.

Category 2 - TOUCH SCREEN

  The DS, not surprisingly, worked very well during the touch-screen tests...

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However, try as I might, I could not get the same results from the Rev 7...

Maybe a light pen would do the trick...
Touching the screen had no effect during Tapper. I didn't get around to testing all my games, but the outlook is grim.

  Category 3 - CAVE TEST

We all know the single best way to test a console is to take it into a cave and see what happens. This latest round of comparison was no different.

"No... I won't... kill him... you hear?"
Whew, that was close. Good thing I saw that guy coming. Clearly the DS, with its dual windows and wide-view beams, was worth "a fortune in precious stones" in a case like this.

With that taken care of I then whipped out my new VCSp Rev 7...

"How about a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty astray"
Whoah, look at this pile of crap. I woulda stepped into it had I not brought along my portable. Close one.

So we can see that both game systems work fine when used in caves.

  There are the results - take them as you will and judge as you may! As for me, it's back to the workbench to throw together the next project. Until then, happy modding!

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