1996  Color  105 minutes

Production Productions & Perceptavision Productions
Written by Benjamin J Heckendorn and Dale Nauertz
Directed by Benjamin J Heckendorn

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The Story

Back in 1996 my friends and I had this wild idea to make a grandiose "adventure" type movie. Containing so much adventure, in fact, that the movie itself would be called "Adventure" (We figured nobody would remember a 1940's Clark Gable movie of the same name)

As with most independent films I play the title character, a guy who finds a treasure map in, get this, an old ATARI, and follows it to the Amazon.


The treasure ends up being a dinosaur, which we made out of Play-Doh, figuring we could either try to make it look real and fail or try to make it look bad an succeed. Succeed it did, as it's now a part of the film everyone loves. But then Nazis show up (must have been hiding out in the rainforest or something) and kidnap us, trying to find the location of the treasure for themselves.


We went pretty overboard on the plot, which involves the Nazis mixing dinosaur DNA with Amazonian warriors and their own soliders to create a "super race" After a plane chase, a bunch of boats sail into the Bermuda Triangle where we come across the Nazi base on the lost continent of Atlantis. (Makes sense if you think about it... :)


On Atlantis we find a bunch of people who were shipwrecked over the years (aka Lost) and turned into Nazi slaves. We inspire them to riot via a musical number called "We're Revolting!" which even had a crane shot (see below) Then there's a sword fight with the boss Nazi, some aliens show up, the island gets blown to hell and we all go home happy. (Except the bad guys who all die - or DO THEY?)


That's what sequels are for!

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