The Adventurous


  1997-1999  Color  60 minutes

Production Productions & Perceptavision Productions
Written & Directed by Benjamin J Heckendorn

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The Story

After finishing Adventure in January of 1997 it was time to make another movie! At first I wanted to make some "killer thing" movies (like killer possums, slimemolds, etc) but then I decided to go ahead and make a sequel to Adventure!

The main difference with this film is that it would be edited completely on computer (Adventure used computerized FX but was edited"reel-to-reel" using decks)

So, with my first PC running at a blazing 120mHZ, a capture card and 7.2 gigs of hard drive space I began working on the movie. I remember back then 7.2 gigs was A LOT, I loved the reaction I got out of people when I told them that. (By time the movie was done (2 years later) I ended up with about 36 gigs of SCSI to hold it all)

On the left Jack Harper, our hero from the first movie, enjoying his vacation, only to be attacked by Trans-Am driving Nazis (whom he blows up)

The idea is that the Nazis that didn't get killed in Adventure are back to get revenge on Jack Harper and also take over the planent again.

Another thing we did a lot in this movie was rendered crap, especially giant robots and a flying mothership. I think we went a little overboard, as directing most of the movie was like "Ok, react to THIS that isn't there!" "There's a robot behind you right THERE!" ad naseum.

Giant rusty Nazi robot tromps through eastern Iowa (Left), driven by maniacal humanoid robot RDX-1984 who smokes. (Right)

We bring back the unsavory chef person from Adventure. See, he survived the buckshot blast because he too is a robot. We should have done more with his robot-ness in this movie (besides blowing off his head and putting it back on) but maybe we can do some better robot action in a sequel! (Oh no!)

 Flying Nazi base intent on destroying Blanchardville, WI and the fight hanging below the base with the obligatory wrench-wielding mechanic.

Here's the rocket-powered flying base (or, as my friends call it, the "flying dumpster") and a fight hanging below the base. The above shot on the right holds the records for most takes in one of my films - 28. (Beating any shot in Port Washington, Lizard of Death or the first Adventure by about 18 takes!)

 Well, the base crashes into the town anyway, but at least the people were warned!

The movie ends with a showdown in Blanchardville, WI after the base crashes. A shootout, then a surprise twist!

Fun fact: To create the volume of the town on the computer (so the base could crash through it and "eat away" at the buildings as it goes) Mike Adsit and I went to Blanchardville in the dead of winter and measured every downtown building's length and height.

To calculate height I took a Polaroid of Mike standing in front of each building, then used a compass to count how many "Mikes" high it was, and multiplied that by 5'10" The "debris" of the town (some can be seen above) was popsicle sticks, paint stirring sticks, Styrofoam and spray-painted Crispix filmed against green screens and the blue sky.

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