Benheck Project Submission

We’d love to hear your ideas!

But please, before sending a project idea you’d like to see built, keep the following in mind:

Budget: Up to / around $500 in parts. So, in general, no Xbox 360 laptops or big stuff like that. Keep in mind you don’t have to pay this to see the project built!

Good Types of Ideas:

  • Useful household items / stuff that needs inventing.
  • Projects to help those in need, such as videogame controllers for the disabled or other accessibility items.
  • Weird stuff that I don’t usually work with (interesting challenges)

Bad Suggestions I will NOT MAKE:

  • All-in-one combo systems (such as a PS3 mixed with a Wii). These requests will go right into the trash, so please don’t bother sending them. I have ZERO INTEREST in this.
  • Anything involving mod chips / software hacking (I don’t do this, ever)
  • Stuff I’ve done before many times (laptops, portables)

Once you have something in mind, email us:

Email Us Your Project Submission

Discuss on Forums

Include a general overview and enough detail for a basic idea. Please keep submissions fairly short, 1-2 paragraphs max, so we can read them all. Rough drawings also appreciated.

If your project is selected for a documented build we’ll let you know. Some projects of exceptional social value (that help a person in need) will be donated to the requester / their friend who needs it.

Stay tuned to for more details, and keep those submissions coming. Thanks for all your support over the years!

5 thoughts on “Benheck Project Submission”

  1. I have an idea to do a wireless soda dispenser. Say that you want to pour a glass of soda, but your too tired to get up or you are sick and don’t feel like getting it yourself. The soda dispenser could be wirelessly controlled to either pour or just simply dispense your drink into a cup from some sort of built-in cup dispenser. Then all you would have to do is wait and when you are notified that the soda is finished being poured, you would only have to get up and grab the soda instead of locating a cup, grabbing the soda, pouring it into the glass, and drinking it, you could just press one button 🙂 This is useful especially for the average couch potato (pretty much all of today’s youth 😉 ) and especially for people that are holding an object in the other hand. If your talking on the phone and want a soda, no problem. All you have to do is press a button, get your soda, and grab it with one hand while your phone is in the other.
    I was thinking infrared for the wireless part. Maybe with some type of motor or something. I’m not much of an engineer/inventor person, soIi wouldn’t really know.

  2. Hi
    I have two ideas for a project that I think would be both interesting, fun to build and use AND teach some things, too 🙂

    1) A Arduino based Laser Tag System with IR LEDs as ‘lasers’, LCD displays, buzzers etc

    2) A real life turing machine (maybe also arduino based) with real moving tape (some possibilities for reviving ye’olde music cassettes?) and of course programmable

    That’s it, thank you for the great show 😀

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