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Ruggedized PS3

Rugged PS3 in Pelican Storm casing

Here’s the project we built for The Ben Heck Show episode 9. It’s ruggedized PlayStation 3 for use in Afghanistan. It has a 22″ LCD screen, built-in speakers, TV tuner, network switch and storage compartment.

For all of the details on how this was done and to see the unit in action, be sure to check out the latest episode of my show. Enjoy!

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New PS3 Slim Laptop

Making a PS3 laptop really wasn’t an “uncharted” course for me.

Here it is, a new PS3 Slim laptop and this time it’s black! With blue accents. Specs:

  • 17″ widescreen 720p HDMI display.
  • Built-in stereo speakers & headphone jack.
  • Compartment to store power cord. (left side bottom of unit)
  • Stylish pin striping to make games run at blast processing!
  • More air holes than a stock Slim, not that it really needs them (cough cough Xbox 360)

You can check out more pictures and video below. Remember, if you have a crazy idea and the money, I can make the time!

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PS3 Controller Monitor

Finally finished the prototype of the PlayStation 3 controller monitor. It is very similar to the Xbox 360 version that was first used in the development of Modern Warfare 2 and other games. Some notes:

  • No analog stick indicators yet. (The early 360 versions didn’t have these either)
  • Runs off its own power source (2 AA batteries)

If you feel this would be of use to your game development, please send me an email. I hope to improve this model with future versions.

Inside the controller. It uses a secondary, keyboard-like screen printed conductive ink surface (under the normal button plastic) to duplicate the buttons for the monitor display.

Win the PS3 Laptop!

(From The Score Online website)

You might have seen the famous Ben Heck PS3 Slim Laptop around the internet.  He’s taken a PS3 Slim and converted it into a fully-functional, portable PlayStation 3 device. It’s the only one in the known universe.  And it can be yours this holiday season.

For every $50 you spend at The Score of Cool Springs between now and December 19 at 6 PM, or every $25 in trades you bring to The Score during the same time period, you get an entry into the contest for this amazing piece of custom hardware. Buying or renewing a Score Membership, purchasing the ScoreSwap(tm) game rental membership (annual), or booking a birthday or private party in full for sometime in the next calendar year will earn you 3 extra entries apiece.

And plan on shopping with us on Black Friday – besides some killer deals, you’ll get double the entries into the drawing on that day for what you spend.

We already have the lowest prices in town and the best trade-in credit.  Throw in the chance of a lifetime to win an amazing PS3 Slim Laptop, and why would you shop anywhere else?

Check out the official website for more!

PS360 Controller From Dual Shock 3

Not sure if I’ve ever shown one of these before, so here it is:

Very similar to my older models, but this one uses the Dual Shock 3 for the super-immersive rumble function and also has the original Playstation D-pad, creating a true Frankenstein’s monster of a controller.

Of note: Does the nonmenclature of calling something “a Frankenstein” rather than the proper “Frankenstein’s Monster” ever bug anyone else?

Anyway, some making of pictures after the break – enjoy!

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PS3 Laptop Auction for Charity

Take the time, to real-a-lize that this, could be yours...

Now’s your chance to get a one-of-a-kind Ben Heckendorn creation! Engadget is sponsoring an auction to sell the PS3 laptop I built, with all proceeds going towards the National Cancer Coalition. Click here to check it out, and place a bid if you so desire.

It’s for a great cause and it’s also a sure-fire way to get a Benheck product – without having to email me 79 times that is! Happy bidding…