Xbox 360 Laptop Terms

  • The Xbox 360 will be built for the person with the best offer the soonest (ie, within a week or so)
  • However this is not an auction, so if I determine that no acceptable offers have not been made I reserve the right to decline them all.
  • Minimum offer is $3500. Due to the high amount, preferred payment method is cashier check or equivalent as Paypal takes out a big chunk.
  • Cost paid by the buyer covers the following:
  1. Labor
  2. Case building and machine time
  3. All components, including the Xbox 360 Elite, LCD monitor, WiFi adapter, USB ports, keyboard, etc.
  4. Shipping of item to buyer.
  • Trade-ins of required equipment (Xbox Elite, etc) will be considered but it’s cheaper to send me the money to buy it than it is for you to buy and ship it.
  • No “trade” deals will be considered, cash only. (Unless it’s something like a 2007 Ford Mustang)
  • No firmware changes will be done to the machine (I am a modder not a “hacker”) so there won’t be any problems with Xbox Live.
  • For some reason I need to point out that this is an Xbox 360 in laptop form. It does not perform the functions of a PC or Mac. I suppose a PS3 laptop could run Linux but that’s another subject.

If you agree to the above and wish to make me an offer and get the ball rolling, please send me an email. Thanks!