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PS3 Slim Laptop

Click here for larger version.

Last month I ran out and bought one of the new PS3 Slim consoles. You can check out my “tear down” of the unit here.

I had some other projects to finish first at the time, but now I’ve gotten around to building a laptop out of this thing. It might still be my fastest project of a new console, I think the Wii was 2 months after launch, this is about 35 days.

Anyway, specs:

  • PS3 Slim Hardware, with cool-running 45nm architecture. Very VERY quiet.
  • 17″ widescreen LCD with HDMI-DVI digital connection.
  • Built-in power supplies / compartment for the AC cord.
  • Push button volume control with stereo speakers.
  • Sleek white monochromatic styling with pin stripes.

Click here for larger version.

For the “Making Of” story, pics and video see below.

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Inside the PS3 Slim

Well I was at Best Buy today looking for Compact Flash cards to use on the new Atari 800 laptop, and I figured while I was there might as well ask about the new PS3 Slim.

A PS3 Slim, on the rotating work bench disc of death.

Turns out they got 40 in last night so I decided to buy one. “Would you like a warranty?” they asked, unlike Circuit City would of. “No, I’m ripping it apart”. I love saying that – it’s not a lie, and it stops warranty upsells dead in their tracks.

Ran it for a little while – it’s very quiet, in dashboard mode you can hardly hear it running. During a game you can hear the Blu-Ray making random access motions (if you turn off the game sound) but still, a fair degree less noise than the PS3 “fat” and several chainsaws of decibels below the Xbox 360.

Of course the next thing to do was rip it apart. Check out the rest of the article for in-depth analysis.

(Note: I know this info has already been on the web, but I wanted to take one apart, naturally, and I felt I may as well share my opinions on the unit as I do)

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