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Xbox 360 – 1977 Edition

It came from the Seventies! (like me)

Hey – I’ve got a cool project that I’ve been working on which will be featured on the next Ben Heck Show and I thought I’d give my blog readers the exclusive sneak peak. Atari is releasing a few classic games as XBOX downloadable content and to help promote them we’re going old school and building an Atari inspired XBOX 360 laptop straight out of 1977. A few cool things that you can do while you’re waiting for the full episode on element14.com/tbhs,  Revision3, or Youtube…

1) Goto Atari.com to stay up to date on how you can enter for a chance to win the Atari XBOX featured in this episode.

2) Goto element14.com/tbhs and enter for a chance to win my Autographed Original Portable Work Bench (ends 4/30/2011): http://www.element-14.com/community/view-event.jspa?event=2827

3) Or the portable Sega CDX from episode 12 (ends 3/31/2011): http://www.element-14.com/community/view-event.jspa?event=2806

4) If you want to build your own portable work bench v2.0, you can get the plans for my new portable work bench: http://www.element-14.com/community/thread/11921?tstart=0

Also, don’t forget to come visit The Ben Heck Experience at the Midwest Gaming Classic next weekend in Milwaukee, WI. Stay til Sunday and see my pinball-related panel with arch nemesis Jeri Ellsworth! Play Bill Paxton Pinball and check out the prototype for my next one. We’ll see you there!

Midwest Gaming Classic – The week after

Myself, an Xbox 360 laptop, and a bunch of free donut holes.

It was a fun show! Stan Miller did a piece for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and our booth was mentioned, you can check it out using this link.

I’d like to thank all our forum members for coming along, manning the booth and helping visitors with their questions. We even fixed some stuff for people, which I should have advertised ahead of time.

In other news, I have a new model Xbox 360 Controller Monitor finished and will be showing that on the site soon, stay tuned!

Benheck.com Podcast Episode 52

Possibly one of the cheesiest graphics ever on Benheck.com

We’re back with a new podcast. Topics:

  • New Xbox X-Perience – We discuss the latest and greatest Xbox dashboard update, what we like and dislike.
  • Xbox 360 4 America – Regarding the current America economic downturn, we go patriotic and tell everyone that if they need to buy a game console this Christmas, they should buy the only American one – the Xbox 360! This really isn’t rocket science, people shouldn’t complain about the job market while walking out of Target with a Japanese Wii. We aren’t paid to promote the Xbox, and it’s nothing against Japan (I love my Sony stuff) but hey, at some point you just have to do your part in some way. We also discuss how the vast majority of big hit 360/PS3 games are made in America.
  • Blu-Ray vs the Theater – Having seen several movies now on Blu-Ray that I also saw in the theatre, it begs the question – is Blu-Ray better than the theater experience? At least focus-wise? We discuss!

Podcast includes my brilliant idea to get gas-guzzling SUV’s off the road, and other random topics. Enjoy!

Listen to Benheck.com Podcast Episode 52