Right-handed Xbox 360 controller

Some photos and a few notes on this controller:

Right analog stick is at end of shaft and is actuated by moving the unit against your leg.

 At least I found some slick black ribbon cable to use on the unit.

Here I am pointing at the controller so you can see the hand strap. Sorry I didn’t shave.

End view of the unit before I put on the right analog stick stalk. I used the original Xbox buttons this time (X Y B A) but used tact switches under them instead of the silicon domes.

The unit comes apart into 2 pieces that connect with Velcro. Thus you can adjust how the pieces go together to fit your hand.

Here’s the inside of the trigger box. Springs from pens I had laying around (cheaper than new springs at the hardware store) give tension to the analog triggers (leftmost thing).

The back of the original circuit board. I used an IDE cable connector, and it used every pin. Charge And Play port, headset jack are left intact.

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