Xbox 360 Controller Monitor

Controller Monitor Rev 2

This is the product page for my Xbox 360 Controller Monitor. It is a setup that involves a modified wireless XBox 360 controller and a display board.

The board uses LEDs to indicate which buttons the user is pressing, as well as analog stick movement. During playtesting this can be videotaped to use as a latency reference to the game itself.

The signals are taken from the hardware level of the buttons/sticks themselves and thus “cuts out the middleman”, so to speak, when providing feedback. The signals are buffered so as to not interfere with the data going back to the Xbox 360 itself.

The headset jack on the controller is removed to make room for the cable, otherwise the controller functions as normal and can still accept the charge & play adapter and such accessories.

You can download a demonstration video by clicking here, or view the embedded clip below:

The cost of this setup is $600 US and includes the controller, display board, cable and 2 AA batteries.

For more information and to inquire about purchasing one for your company, please email me directly using this link.

Thanks for your interest and I hope this project can be of use to developers!

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