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VCSp vs. the Gameboy Advance (2001)

Written back around the launch of the original non-backlit Gameboy Advance, and around the time I’d built the 5th Atari 2600 portable. Those were good times.

The Future Of Videogames Part 1 (2001)

I cranked this puppy out in December of 2001 after the Xbox, Gamecube and PS2 had all been released. I think my Xbox 2 predictions are fairly interesting…

GBA SP vs. the VCSp Rev 6 (2003)

I compare my latest Atari 2600 portable to Nintendo’s finally-backlit Gameboy.

The Future Of Videogames Part 2 (2003)

My thoughts on gaming a few years later, with the PS2 kicking butt and the other systems sucking hind teet.

Disc Format Wars! (2005)

My early thoughts on the next-generation movie discs.

Nintendo DS -VS- my N64 Portable (2005)

Yet another Nintendo portable is compared to mine, completely without bias of course!

New “360 style” names for consoles (2005)

I poke fun at the Xbox 360 (not the Xbox 2) in this article.

The Future Of Videogames Part 3 (2005)

Every 2 years in December I write up “The Future of Videogames” so here’s another. I think 2007 will be quite interesting…