Single Handed Xbox One Controllers – Legacy

Current Lead Time:

I am currently re-designing the Xbox One single handed controllers. My goal is to have them available in September of 2018. Features will include:

  • New and improved lower analog stick that doubles as an additional handle grip.
  • New secondary analog trigger that is far more ergonomic than our previous version.
  • No visible mod wires.
  • No visible hot glue.
  • Uses the newest XB1S controller which is Bluetooth compatible for use with non-XB1 devices (PC, smart phones, etc)
  • Hand-built by Ben Heck himself (since I am now retired from YouTube and have more time 🙂

Thank you for your patience, and keep an eye on this website for product availability.

On this page you can easily order one of my Single Handed Gaming Controllers for Accessibility Use.

They are currently available ONLY for the Xbox One. This is due to complexities with hacking the PS4 which are beyond my control. Last-gen controllers (360/PS3) are also no longer available.



  • Controllers shipped via USPS. Please select “United States” for US overs ($10 shipping charge) and Non-US / Overseas for all other countries ($20 shipping charge)
  • When filling out the Paypal information be sure to include the shipping address you’d like the controller sent to.
  • Controllers will only be shipped to your confirmed Paypal address.
  • Select which hand the controller will be for (Left or right) before clicking Buy Now. This indicates the hand the player will hold the controller with.
  • I prefer to use new controllers in my builds and this is part of the cost. However if you’d like to trade in a clean and working XB1 controller for a $50 discount, please contact me.
  • If your controller needs repair in the future please contact Felix. Most repairs are simple and will be at a nominal cost, if any. (You are responsible for shipping it back to us, however)








Demonstration Videos


12 thoughts on “Single Handed Xbox One Controllers – Legacy”

  1. Hello, just wondering where I can get further info on acquiring a one-handed 360 controller (or pc compatible controller). My friend had his arm ripped off in a car accident and though it was re-attached there was severe nerve damage and he does not have much function in his left hand. He is missing out on a lot of great games and I want him to experience them. Please let me know your models and pricing as I cannot seem to find it on this page. This is very, very important to me as this is my best friend and he deserves this.

  2. do you make controllers for the Atari 7800? not the 2600, but the 7800.

  3. Ben, please contact me regarding a single handed xbox 360, or an XBOX-ONE controller when you start building these again. I have a friend who would love one, and is a really avid gamer, but has problems playing many games he would like to. I love the show, and am a big electronics geek myself! Big Ups! Thanks.

  4. My 23 year old son, an active duty Army LT was in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan while on a medical rescue mission. As a result of injuries sustained in the crash Nick suffered a stroke and currently has no use of his right hand. He has a cervical spine fracture. a broken jaw, has only three teeth remaining and had to undergo a craniotomy – will be in surgery again soon to replace the skull. Nick is having difficulty communicating and will be spending many long months in the rehab center. I am so hopeful I can buy a modified controller from you so that he will have more to do and to have the ability to play something that he had enjoyed. He is working to learn to walk and talk again….would like to give him this distraction from the long, hard road ahead. Thank-you for your consideration! Anne

  5. My disabled cousin has had two access controllers in the past – both no longer work – we are desperate for a replacement as they are a life line for him following a stroke four years ago

    Please let me know how/where i can buy one – they are not available on the eDimensional website

    Many thanks in advance

  6. (I hope this doesn’t step on Ben’s toes, but seeing as he’s taking a break from making controllers and seems to be alright in the financial sector, I hope you don’t mind!)

    For those looking for other 1-handed or modified controllers, there’s a website at that specializes in making custom controllers and things. It’s done mainly by volunteers, and most people charge mainly for parts, very little to no labor cost as most people are gamers and want to give back. Just thought people here might want to be made aware of it in the interim!

  7. Hello Ben,
    I was so ecstatic when I saw ur PS4 accessibility video for one handed players. I love video games, but as time went on, the buttons and controllers advanced and I can only play certain games. I wrote u back when u first made the video…and I never got a response but hopefully this gets through. I received a TBI back in 1987 and lost use of my right side… and I have made unbelievable strides since then, yet some still exist.
    Just wondering where I can get further info on acquiring a left handed one handed PS4 and also a left handed Xbox-one controller. Thx

  8. Hey Ben! I have a question for you about your single handed xbox one controllers(would be a left handed one). I’m in the army and have recently had a tragedy happen to one of my leaders. He was hands down the best leader I’ve had since I’ve joined and he was in a motorcycle accident and lost just right arm. He used to love to play call of duty with us a lot and it’s hard to think he won’t be able to do that or even be around anymore. Before he leaves I was hoping to find some sort of remote control for when he feels up to it is able to jump on call of duty with us again. If you could get back to me that would be awesome! Thanks!

  9. Hi, I have the access controller for ps3 love the look on ps4 mod, however is left analogue stick on reverse of left side? So do you use left analogue with your leg? If so how will you do minor movements with left analogue ie aiming on FRS?. Thanks

  10. Hi Ben, I was given your name about purchasing a left hand controller for playstation 4. My son severed a corotad artery which sent 2 blood clots to the brain a year ago. He was wakeboarding on the lake. Anyway 1 week before the accident he sent his sister and I his wish list for Christmas. A playstation 4 and Assasins Creed IV. Which he got and the right hand and arm still has not came back. I would love to surprise him with the controller! HELP!!!

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