Download my Atari 800 Games

Here are some Atari 800 disk images of stuff I made long, long ago. Sadly I didn’t finish many games I started back then, kind of disappointing. Still, whatever disks still worked and had complete or fairly playable games on them are here. Enjoy…

Various Games (1987-1993) – Several games on one disk, including some of the first stuff I ever programmed, some lame sidescrollers and a choose your own adventure game. One game is called “Benheck Boxing”, I guess I’ve referred to myself as that longer ago than I thought! (Maybe it was because of 8.3 filenames, who knows?)

Adventure Island (1988) – A text adventure game with a very unoriginal name. Appears to be fully functional. I believe you have to “burn tree” to get past the first few locations. Feel free to look at the program and cheat. It uses the old school “verb noun” syntax so don’t expect an Infocom-level parser here.

Funmaze 1 & 2 (1990/1995) – Intended to be a reference to the original Atari 2600 “Adventure” game that starred a square, move your bad graphic character through a maze! And then again in part 2!

StripFunmaze (1996) – The last Atari 800 game I ever made. Travel through a photo- realistic 3D maze, fighting bad guys by shooting them or guessing a number. Has a really overblown plot should you play through it all. You can also save/load your game by pressing S or L during play (I think)

These will run on emulators as attached disk images or on a real Atari 800 with 48k using an SIO2PC cable or other such interface.

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