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Mod of the week – Multi-platform portable

My mod pick this week is a multi-platform portable built by John Grayson, aka “Bacteria”.

No, it's not a delicious cake, but a super portable!

The deal with this portable is that the controls, screen and battery are “general purpose” and work with any system. Then, to play a specific system, you plug a “module” onto the back, such as a Nintendo 64, or PlayStation.

There’s a good demonstration of this in his video, you can see that and the rest of the project using the link below. Good work John!

Link to Bacteria’s Website

Ben’s Hack Pick of the Week – Wooden NES

My hack pick this week is a wooden Nintendo portable built by Parker Dillmann:

All natural and with the fresh scent of the forest!
Goes great with any decor!

It uses one of those Yobo NES’s you can find at game stores and an AEI electronics screen. You can read his “Making Of” story by clicking here.

Remember, if you or a friend has done a cool project you’d like featured on my site, send it in using the link over on the right. If possible, have a website documenting your construction.