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PS4 Single Handed Prototype Complete!

Just a quick note I finally found the time to finish the prototype! It’s based off the Hori PS4 Mini controller. Pictures and info below. The second half of the YouTube video will be coming very soon.

I still need to work out the pricing (there’s a LOT of 3D printing with this one) but hope to have this mod for sale soon! Email me if interested, and stay tuned!

My next step will be to mirror all the 3D files and build a left-handed prototype.

Both analog triggers have been stacked in the front of the unit and are pressed with the tips of your index and middle fingers. The upper trigger is R2 (shoot) and the lower trigger is L2 (aim). The L1/R1 buttons are the small tact switches to the left of the main gray triggers in the photo above.

The case is entirely 3D printed. The design is very much like a flight stick controller with a revolver pistol grip.

The square cross triangle and circle buttons are activated with the ring and little finger. The height of the buttons varies to make them easier to reach.

Someone on YouTube suggested a 5 way switch for the various PS4 controller buttons to save space and I took their advice! I call it the “Multi-Hat” switch. Press up for the touch pad, left for Share, right for Option, down for the PS Home/On button, and press the hat in for the L3 button.

There is some blank space just below the Right Analog (as seen in the above photo) so I may be able to put buttons there in the future.

A Velcro strap holds the controller to your hand, much like a camcorder if you remember those 🙂 Please note this is a wired USB controller. The cable length seems pretty decent, and you can always get USB extension cables if need be.

As with my previous models the secondary analog (in this case the left analog character movement stick) presses against your leg. You use your arm to move the controller relative to your leg to actuate it.

The right analog stick (typically for aiming/camera movement in game) is placed by your thumb. The D-pad has been made into a spiky cross so it’s easier to feel the edges when you press it.

I Hope They Make Mods in Hell

Click here for a close-up of the wand

It has come to my attention that the Tucker Max movie “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” has come out. Last year I was approached by that movie’s prop department to come up with a “highly customized Xbox 360 controller for a game-obsessed character.”

Above you can see the result. It didn’t have to actually function but I insisted it did. I actually built 2 of them since movies always have backup props (well, mine don’t). The idea was the controller had a lot of “business” potential – that is to say the character could move around it with and act out functions in an overstated manner.

Having not seen the movie, my question is “Did it make it into the final cut?” Please let me know, I am curious!

The “pitch drawing” I sent them to get the gig.

Fun fact: the cost of these props exceed that of Possumus Woman’s entire budget.

Controller monitor built for Infinity Ward game testing

Here’s something done several months ago but just now showing up on the site – a response time test controller built for use by Infinity Ward for a new game they are working on.

Includes world’s most colorful ribbon cable!

The idea behind this project was to build a system which shows the pressing of the buttons in a very obvious manner, in this case LED’s. The controller wiring is piggy-backed, and an extension port added to the bottom of it. This then connects to the main lightboard, indicating exactly when buttons are pushed.

The intent is that this is filmed for testing purposes to help identify the gap between when users are pressing buttons and when onscreen actions actually occur.

If you think something like this might be of use to your company, or have a similar idea, why not drop me a line?

For making-of info, sample videos and pics of the unit being tested, check out the rest of the story below. To read the original article that inspired the customer to have me create this, click here.

Continue reading Controller monitor built for Infinity Ward game testing

Guitar Hero pedal controller in action

Aside from the 2 I built for a show back in May, the 3rd pedal demonstrated below is the first I’ve actually built by request for a customer. He knew the secret to getting a Ben project – diligent (yet not annoying) emails and patience! Plus he can play Guitar Hero on Hard, something I cannot. (Rock Band, yes)

Click here to check it out on YouTube…

In other related news the Access Controller should be arriving for shipment sometime next week… more details to come.

Games for Health conference 2008

I will be appearing at the annual Games for Health conference this week in Baltimore, to talk about my work with single-handed controllers, show the latest production model of the Access Controllers (pre-orders coming this month) and to demonstrate some new, unique controllers built specifically for the show.

Coming Soon!
The near-final prototype of the production model Access Controller from eDimensional. Please direct inquiries to access@edimensional.com

You can read more about the conference by visiting their site using this link. I’ll also update my site with the new items once they’ve gone live at the show. Stay tuned…