Xbox One Controller Monitor Revision 2

I’ve been working on a second revision of the Xbox One Controller Monitor since June of this year. It’s just about complete so I wanted to share the new features with you all so you can decide if it’s something you need for your game development.

The modifications to the controller itself haven’t changed, meaning existing Xbox One modded controllers sold since 2013 are forward compatible with this and you’ll just need the new monitor if you want to upgrade.

Feature List

  • Controller recording
    • Perform actions once and store them to SD card or dump over UART.
    • Save files as raw binary data or human readable CSV files – one row per sample.
    • CSV files have a “Flag” column with automatically generated text notes such as “Left trigger” so you can easily spot events in the sea of data.
    • Automatic file numbering for multiple takes.
    • Sampling rates up to 500Hz.
  • Controller playback
    • Circuitry allows this new monitor to press buttons and move sticks itself!
    • Select files to playback from SD card or run CSV files you create from scratch!
    • Record CSV files, edit them and precisely playback over controller.
    • CSV files can contain triggers for high speed camera control.
    • During playback light sensor data can be recorded and appended to the data for further analysis.
    • Controller can also be set to perform automatic tests and repeated functions (no humans required)
  • LED frame/timer display
    • A nice big chunky display you can get footage of!
    • Displays time left when recording or current frame # of playback.
    • Displays in hex or decimal.
    • Compare footage of display frames during playback with your CSV files for precise analysis.
    • Non-matrixed LED segments = zero flicker making them readable at any camera frame rate.
  • Variable brightness control
    • Use dial on back to dim or brighten the indicator lights.
    • Useful for getting them to show up on light-hungry high speed cameras.
  • Other assorted things
    • Robust serial port command library allowing complete automation using your own external programs / links to development PC.
    • Expansion port on rear of unit gives access to all important I/O. Hook up scopes, cameras, etc.
    • Two general-purpose I/O, 4 user indicator lights, 1 user button, front mounted Reset button.
    • Screw terminal external high speed camera control connections (out to camera, in from camera, ground)
    • Detachable, modular cabling.
    • COMING SOON! 8 position light bar sensor that can mount to your game monitor. Use for time of flight sensing, or use lights to trigger events on the monitor for further automation.

I’m working on the final prototypes and documentation now. If you’re interested please contact me at

I hope to start building these mid-January.