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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 99


Almost to 100! It only took us 11 years… Joining us once again is Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

Topics include:

    • Bill Paxton Tribute
      • His early days. Parker likes him because he’s a Texan.
      • Greatest hits! Our best Bill Paxton impressions!
      • Some of his lesser-known movies, like Traveller and Next of Kin, includes how to spell Traveller.
      • Ben keeps talking about Indian Summer for some reason, and calls Paxton “a progenitor of an archetype”.
    • Battlefield 1 – Best Battlefield since Bad Company 2?
      • Real locations, instead of tunnels and gas factories. Cities feel like actual places, not just corridors.
      • Meaningful destruction and more squad focus.
      • Fewer overpowered vehicles, more infantry action.
      • Satisfying guns in all classes, but game takes about 20 hours of play to become fun. Don’t give up!
    • Ben’s Never Played Mass Effect – Jones / Parker react!
      • Can they convince him to give it a try?
      • How Jones/Parker feel about the original trilogy.
      • Choice Matters, plus great story and characters.
      • Andromeda? Is it Road House in space?
    • Nintendo Switch Week!
      • Is it just a Zelda adapter?
      • Can Nintendo survive another generation without 3rd party?
      • What if Microsoft bought Nintendo?


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Benheck.com Podcast Episode 74 – E3 Edition

In today’s timely episode, we’re not going to speculate on new products like we normally do. Nonsense! Rather, we’re going to report directly on what we’ve played right here at E3. Highlights include:

1) Xbox 360 Kinect, formerly known as Natal.

2) Jones taking a voyeuristic photo of Jessica Chobot.

3) PlayStation Move

…and, in a rare case of me liking something from modern Nintendo…

4) The Nintendo 3DS.

Also includes impressions of Rock Band 3, OnLive service, Nintendo booth’s resemblance to a strip club and much, much more.

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PS3 Laptop Auction for Charity

Take the time, to real-a-lize that this, could be yours...

Now’s your chance to get a one-of-a-kind Ben Heckendorn creation! Engadget is sponsoring an auction to sell the PS3 laptop I built, with all proceeds going towards the National Cancer Coalition. Click here to check it out, and place a bid if you so desire.

It’s for a great cause and it’s also a sure-fire way to get a Benheck product – without having to email me 79 times that is! Happy bidding…