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Xbox 360 combo at Circuit City for a Great Price!

Still sitting on the fence about getting an Xbox 360? Rumors in the press got you down? Well consider this:

What a bargain!

As we all know, Circuit City is going under. This is very sad for me as I always preferred them over Best Buy. But as James Earl Jones said in the Lion King “everything is a circle of life”… or whatever. Find opportunity in despair!

Right now Circuit City has 10% off on game systems and 30% off accessories. This means you can get an Arcade console for $180 and a 60 gig add-on hard drive for $70… a total of $250. Equivalent to the $300 Xbox in functionality, yet the same price as the Wii.

Of course the $300 Xbox would now be $270, but keep in mind with the Arcade you still have a much better chance of it being a Jasper, also the hard drive add-on comes with 3 months of Xbox Live as well!

If you need an Xbox and there’s a Circuit City close to you this deal is really too good to pass up. Also, strangely enough, our Circuit City has been getting NEW stock in yet, including a whole pile of Jasper 360’s, the newest lot number I’ve seen yet in fact (0850X) So why not check it out?

For information on how to spot a Jasper Xbox 360 in the wild, see this page. Happy hunting!

NOTE: It’s even cheaper now, 20% off minimum.

Inside an Xbox 360 Jasper

From what I have seen, this is the box to look for.

Slight update for you all… I found another Jasper, this time in a small town Wal-Mart. Same place I found my first Falcon. For those hunting the Jasper, small towns are a good bet because usually Wal-Mart is the only place to buy anything, thus the throughput is higher, thus they get newer units faster.

Seems the Sega Superstars Tennis pack-in labeling is the box to look for. This was a team FDOU, lot #0834X. However unlike the lot #0842X, this units power supply was marked 150W.

175W Falcon PSU on left, 150W Jasper on the right.  Though different they are fairly similar, there wasn’t as much change as between the 203W and 175W versions.

For more pics and details of how you can spot one in a store, check out my article on Engadget.

I still have not seen a 60 gig version of the Jasper. However you can get those 60 gig drive kits for $99, which can turn your Jasper Arcade into a 60 giger for the same cost, plus you’ll get 3 months of Xbox Live. Win-win.

Shouldn’t be rocket science but the Elites seem to be the slowest selling these days and will likely be the last to get Jasperized (new term).

Jasper search continues

Checked out a Best Buy today… lots of new Xbox 360’s in stock. Looked like they do the reverse of supermarkets, ie, the freshest stuff is on top and not in the back/bottom.

ANYWAY it’s been reported elsewhere on the web that the Jasper all-65nm Xbox 360 (with rumored 256 meg onboard storage) has been seen with this data:

  • Manufacture date: 10/23/2008
  • Lot number 0843X
  • 150W power supply

I examined a unit from Best Buy that had the following:

  • Manufacture date: 10/18/2008
  • Lot number 0842X

…and though it was very close to the “Jasper” specs, it still had the 175W power supply. The power supply is always the “key” and in this case, doesn’t indicate a Jasper.

So if the Jasper that’s been found is correct, then its lot/date are likely the absolute minimum to find the new chipset, since the one I saw was only 1 lot # lower and 5 days older.

Once I do find one I intend to rip it to shred and share with the world (I can always use Xboxs, it’s like buying bulk Diet Pepsi) I’m looking forward to it!

I am going to Richland Center tomorrow for a thrilling wisdom tooth removal, it is at that Wal-Mart I found my first Falcon, perhaps I’ll get lucky again!