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Ben Heck Podcast Episode 76

Yes, believe it or not, we’ve done a year-end podcast! We’ve got a lot of topics, including:

  • How Liam Neeson might organically slip the line “You Sunk My Battleship!” into Universal’s $250 million “Battleship” movie.
  • Our favorite games of 2011, and biggest disappointments.
  • Tom Cruise, Scientology and the expense of going to the movies.
  • Zombie trend in gaming, and why a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t be as cool as nerds would hope.
  • Our latest adventures in pinball.
  • Tablets and phones versus portable gaming systems.
  • Speculation about the next Xbox and what if it’s ARM based.
  • Why “Project 10 Dollar” is just the tip of the digital download only future.
  • The problems with Rocky 4. Yes, it has problems.
  • Netflix and the future of media.

Enjoy and have a happy new year!

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Enjoy a Movie Night with Benheck.com!

You will be unprepared.

Watch “Possumus Man” sort of instantly from your browser or mobile device. Or your PS3, I don’t care.

Yes, by popular request I have uploaded all of my movies to the new server. You can check them out and download by visiting the Movies page.

Watch a movie I made at the age of 19 (and re-edited at 31) with Possumus Man! Shortly after, we made a feature-length adventure movies called – get this – Adventure!

A few years later we popped out a sequel – The Adventurous! In 2000, around the time I made my first portable, I did a 1950’s style movie called Lizard of Death! This is probably still my personal favorite.

Then I spent much of the 00’s making a romantic comedy Port Washington! That movie took such a chunk out of my soul I haven’t watched it since.

Finally, you can see our more recent movies (and the only one in HD and 5.1 surround) Possumus Woman – the sequel nobody asked for but we made anyway.

Pop some popcorn, turn down the lights and enjoy!

Movie Prediction Madness: June 11th-13th

It’s time once again for Movie Prediction Madness! Well I was wrong last week about Marmaduke, but that’s OK because if me being wrong means one less terrible movie is successful, so be it! Let’s move onto this week, shall we?

#1 The A-Team

The first of this weekend’s 1980’s retreads is “The A-Team”, a movie based on a show I watched religiously as a child yet hardly remember (see also: “Dukes of Hazard”)

I am basing this #1 prediction off seeing the trailer during a packed showing of “Iron Man 2: The Suit Would Never Fit In That Briefcase And Even If It Did You Wouldn’t Be Able to Lift It”. Despite the “A-Team” trailer not being very funny (or having any welding scenes) people reacted to it very strongly. The trailer for “Prince of Persia” got crickets, and it still made $32 million opening. “A-Team” should be able to do at least as well.

This has been a very weak summer thus far, so something’s gotta open decent eventually. I mean, besides “Toy Story 3” and “Twilight”.

#2 The Karate Kid

…a movie about Kung-Fu, not karate. Maybe it doesn’t matter, “Mummy 3” contained NO mummies whatsoever (or Rachel Weisz) and it still made a decent chunk o’ change.

Wil Smith’s kid stars along with Jackie Chan. I have recently determined the reasoning for a lot of these remakes. People my age who grew up with movies like “Karate Kid” now have kids of their own. Apparently we see ads for this new one and think “Oh, I remember that movie as formulatic, safe fun. I’ll take my kids to something live-action for a change.”

This may not open as high as “A-Team” but it could hang in there as a sleeper hit, like “The Blind Side” or “insert-generic-but-crowd-pleasing-sports-movie-here”.

Old Releases

Shrek 4 will still hang in there, of course, since it has “Shrek” in the title. Probably as #3, or maybe just above “Kung Fu Kid”. All other releases will continue their rapid declines, yet Hollywood will continue to make video game adaptations despite the fact “Persia” blew it, even with its massive production / advertising budget.

The tepid box office summer will finally heat up later in June with “Toy Story 3” and “Twilight: More Suckage” which will both open north of $100 million.

Download & Watch Possumus Woman

It is time! You can now download and watch my possum-based magnum opus for free to watch in the comfort of wherever you might be.

Official Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman poster
It’s time for you to waaaatch!

To download, simply click here to visit the Movies page which contains all the different links. The movie is a quick 1 hours 11 minutes long, so it won’t take too much of your time.

If you’d like to host or Bittorrent seed the movie as well please send me your link and I’ll add it to the list. For some movie facts and trivia, click below:

Continue reading Download & Watch Possumus Woman

Possumus Woman poster + release date

Mark your calendars now – Possumus Woman strikes on October 31st! (yes, 2008)

Official Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman poster
None of this actually happens in the movie but I don’t care. Click here for full-size, printable version.

Yes that’s correct – unlike all of my other movies Possumus Woman is being done in a timely fashion! Editing is complete, there are only a couple of special effects left to do (already in progress), and all I really have left is sound editing, which I plan to do over the next few weekends.

As with Port Washington the plan is to have a “web premiere” allowing persons to download the movie for free on the release date, in a variety of formats including iPod video and hi-def Quicktime/WMV. Think of it as an expensive YouTube video – I just did it for fun, as a hobby, but want to share it with the world. It was a fun break from the daily “portables” grind.

We also plan to have some local showings in the south central Wisconsin area, likely in early November. Jason Jones is in charge of those so more details as they become available.

Scripts now available on movie page

Sifting around through files this evening, I had the notion to upload my independent film scripts to the “Movies” section of this site. You can now read the original text for “The Adventurous”, “Lizard of Death” and “Port Washington”. (My indies before those were done on this stuff I believe the ancients called “paper”…)

Gee, I wonder why there's 2 cameras mounted together?
A 2007 behind-the-scenes photo from one of our many movie concept tests that haven’t come to fruition.

They might be of interest to anyone who has seen my films and would like an idea of the writing process that went into them. Warning: none of them are done in the correct screenplay formatting, something I didn’t get into until after Port Washington. Also – like my modding projects – no incomplete or work-in-progress scripts are available. So in their place I threw on the above photo, to confuse and confound you all.

Benheck.com Podcast Episode #42

We’re back! In this episode (which has nothing to do with gaming) we discuss:

  1. Musical scores in movies – they aren’t good or memorable anymore. We need Jerry Goldsmith back!
  2. The cost of Blu-Ray discs – too much!
  3. Hollywood’s dwindling box office – what we think are the real reasons even though they’ll blame it on gas prices at year’s end.


Listen to Benheck.com Podcast Episode 42