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Commodore 64 Auction Ending Soon, Plus Other Stuff

Just one more day to bid on this fine piece of American engineering! It’s a two of a kind item, and it can be yours! To place a bid that benefits Child’s Play charity, click here to submit a bid. (Auction ended, thanks!)

In other news I am taking off work until August 16th. If anyone wants work or projects they can contact me to discuss, but no work will be performed until then. I’m tired, I’ve built, what, 6 or 7 Xbox 360 laptops this year, usually I only do one! But don’t worry, when the time comes I’ll be rearin’ to go.

All is not lost, however! One way I am spending my free time is getting some serious work done on Bill Paxton Pinball. As you can see above the display is done and working… next is sound, which Chris Kraft and I have already started working on. Should be pretty cool, though I’ve still got a lot to learn before I get it all working – stay tuned!

Commodore 64 Laptop Silent Auction

This is it!  Your chance to own a piece of 1982’s finest technology, assuming you had lived in an alternate universe where Commodore had invented the laptop, SD Cards, and Ethernet!!!  Act Now and place your bids to own not only this fine piece of retro-computer craftsmanship, but also do something good for the Child’s Play charity!  How much will it go for?  $2,000?  $5,000??  One Zillion???  Who knows, but what I do know is if you don’t place a bid you’ll be kicking yourself in the butt for a long time to come!

To avoid the fees of online auctions, we are asking that interested parties submit their bids to me via email. The highest amount with 2 weeks wins (ends July 20th), at which time you will be given payment info.

Click here to submit a bid for the Commodore 64 Laptop revision 2. Bidding starts at $1000 US, and you will be informed of the current high bidder upon contacting us. Good luck!

BONUS: Bottom of the unit is signed by me, it includes the SD memory card, and I’ll even throw in a DVD of Possumus Woman.

Commodore 64 Original Hardware Laptop Revision 2 For Charity!

Here is the latest Commodore 64 original hardware laptop, “Revision 2”. Thanks to the generosity of the person requesting this build, this particular unit will be up for auction with proceeds benefiting charity.

The current plan is to have a “silent auction” where people send us their bids, and then the proceeds go to Child’s Play. We will start this auction on Monday July 6th after the holiday week. Bids should start at $1000 US.

It is very similar to the first C64 laptop I built, with the key difference being it uses the newer 1541-III Ultimate SD-card based storage solution / disk emulator. USB and Ethernet ports for this device are open and available on the front of the unit.

Additionally, we’d like to thank Reed at oldsoftware.com for finding us the refurbished keyboard and special RevE 64C motherboards – you can check out his site by clicking here.

More details on the auction as they become available – in the meantime click below to see more pictures and video. Enoy…

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Updates on the Progress of Things…

Well I just finished the design for the new Xbox 360 laptops. They’re quite similar to the THQ models, but “optimized” for easier construction. All the of side plates/DVD drive lids are flush with the sides of the case, the screws holding the lid on are around the screen (like the C64 laptop) instead of the top of the unit. Also I’ve ditched the camera, added a USB port, Ethernet port and the volume control is digital with up & down buttons. I guess it is fairly different!

Should have the first couple of these done in late June, so if you’re interested let me know!

In other news, Mike Troxel and I are building another C64 laptop, this time using the 1541-Ultimate via the cartridge slot. The idea is to auction it off for charity, so if you’ve been drooling over the prospect of having your very own C64 laptop, your dream could come true!

You’re not supposed to take photos inside of Warner Brothers, so if I had taken one (which, um, of course I didn’t!) it would have gone above.

Finally, I was in LA on Monday for the Jace Hall show. It was a lot of fun and the resulting segment should be pretty entertaining. I’ll post a link once they have it done.