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Darksiders Xbox 360 laptop for THQ

Gray is the new black

Here is the Xbox 360 laptop prize for THQ’s “Darksiders” game. The casing / shell design was done by myself and then Colorware (over in Minnesota – go midwest!) printed graphics on it using Joe Madureira artwork as a basis.

The volume knob part is bad design, I know, I know...

It’s pretty slick looking, I’d heard of Colorware before but this is first time I’ve seen what they can do in person. Very glossy! The game itself comes out later this year I believe.

For the making of story and more pictures and video, click below.

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Sneak peak at the THQ laptop prize

Usually I don’t show works-in-progress, but THQ wanted me to keep people in the loop so here’s a quick look at the Darksiders laptop.

It’s similar in size to my previous Xbox 360 laptops but a little bigger.

  • A little more room allows a lot more features as this one includes a slot to insert a full-sized Xbox 360 hard drive.
  • Also both memory card slots are available, so taking your home profile “on the road” will be a piece of cake.
  • The Xbox Live camera is included, as well as Wi-Fi.
  • The 2 circles on either side will be the speakers. Also note all buttons are front-mounted, sync, eject and the remaining USB port.

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Win a Benheck Xbox 360 Laptop from THQ

I’ve partnered with THQ to provide a prize in their Darksiders sweepstakes – an Xbox 360 laptop, built by myself and painted by Joe Mad, based off the game.

Subject to change, but I hope not

Concept drawing of the design. But instead of white, imagine art painted all over it…

Not only that, but this will be the best Xbox 360 laptop yet! The design features a dock for a full-size, unaltered Xbox 360 hard drive, so you can share data with your home console. Astounding. Additionally, both memory card slots are accessible, should you need those for some reason. Other features include the usual built-in WiFi and Xbox Live Vision camera. One big change is lack of keyboard – it’s useless 99% of the time anyway and they have those chat pads for the controllers as it is.

Contest ends in October I believe, so by all means head on over to their site, take a look around, and get entered. Thanks to Adam King at THQ for providing myself and the community this opportunity!

Click here to get in on the action:community.darksidersvideogame.com

(This should explain why I cracked open a 60 gig Xbox 🙂