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Midwest Gaming Classic 2022 – Workshop!

I am doing another workshop at MGC 2022. Same project as in November, the “gameBadge”

To sign up please visit this link:

Some tools will be supplied but attendees are recommended to bring as many of their own tools as possible, including but not limited to:

  • Soldering iron
  • Solder (lead recommended)
  • Tweezers for holding small parts
  • Solder-cleaning braid
  • Power strip/extension cords

See you there!

Taking time off – order delays

I’m taking some time off and getting projects done. Any new controller orders from now until September 11th 2021 will be built in the order they are received the week of September 13th 2021.

I will also be attending the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest during this time, stop by and say hi!

Single Board Computer Workshop at Midwest Gaming Classic 2020

I’m doing a “build your own single board computer” workshop at the Midwest Gaming Classic 2020 in downtown Milwaukee this April.

The design is based on the classic Z80 (which they still manufacture believe it or not) and is quite small, only 3 x 3″. It has an expansion port, build-in OLED screen, Atmel MCU as screen driver/USB serial port converter and an SD card adapter for loading BIN, HEX and saving files or doing RAM dumps.

This workshop is meant to teach how memory addressing works and you also get to take home the sweet computer you build! Basic soldering skills will be helpful and there’s also a decent amount of surface mount (fairly large parts to make it do-able) so tips and tricks on how to work with that are also part of the experience.

Sign up using the links below! (limited to 25 spots)


Here are the YouTube videos I’ve made discussing the design process. Once the design has been verified it will be posted to my Github if you can’t make it to the workshop but want to order your own copy of the PCB.




Project started in 2000 finally finished – Atari 2600 Junior Single Chip Portable!

When I first starting buying Atari 2600 consoles for modding purposes back in 2000 (right after my website became famous) I was lucky enough that my first Atari 2600 Junior had the ultra-rare “single chip” variant inside.

Of course this was “portablization catnip” for me so I desoldered it and tried to make a custom PCB.  My skills at the time weren’t up to task and I feared the chip dead. Had I know then how rare it was (I’ve never found another since) I probably wouldn’t have tried but can’t change that now.

Flash forward to fall of 2018 and I come across the project in a junk box while moving out of the Ben Heck Show shop. Decided to give it another go and I have help this time – my friend Parker Dillmann has an intact single-chip 2600 Junior so we can cross reference to it.

I documented this near-year-long process in the video below. You can also click here for the full photo gallery with notes.

Controller Monitors now have PS4 support!

Using a flex PCB adapter and some bodged IC’s inside the monitor itself I have achieved PS4 compatibility for the 2018 model Controller Monitors! Has all the same features as the XB1 controller including data logging and automated playback.

I plan to now offer a choice of what controller comes bundled with the package or you can choose to order both controllers for an additional charge.

The monitor’s mode can be toggled by holding USER button as you power up the unit and will stay in that mode until you toggle it back. I have also sectioned off separate banks of EEPROM so the XB1 and PS4 controller fine-tuning adjustments are preserved no matter what mode you’re in.

I will update the product page and documentation soon, in the meantime if you’re interested or want to inquire about getting an existing unit upgraded let me know!







PS4 Single Handed Prototype Complete!

Just a quick note I finally found the time to finish the prototype! It’s based off the Hori PS4 Mini controller. Pictures and info below. The second half of the YouTube video will be coming very soon.

I still need to work out the pricing (there’s a LOT of 3D printing with this one) but hope to have this mod for sale soon! Email me if interested, and stay tuned!

My next step will be to mirror all the 3D files and build a left-handed prototype.

Both analog triggers have been stacked in the front of the unit and are pressed with the tips of your index and middle fingers. The upper trigger is R2 (shoot) and the lower trigger is L2 (aim). The L1/R1 buttons are the small tact switches to the left of the main gray triggers in the photo above.

The case is entirely 3D printed. The design is very much like a flight stick controller with a revolver pistol grip.

The square cross triangle and circle buttons are activated with the ring and little finger. The height of the buttons varies to make them easier to reach.

Someone on YouTube suggested a 5 way switch for the various PS4 controller buttons to save space and I took their advice! I call it the “Multi-Hat” switch. Press up for the touch pad, left for Share, right for Option, down for the PS Home/On button, and press the hat in for the L3 button.

There is some blank space just below the Right Analog (as seen in the above photo) so I may be able to put buttons there in the future.

A Velcro strap holds the controller to your hand, much like a camcorder if you remember those 🙂 Please note this is a wired USB controller. The cable length seems pretty decent, and you can always get USB extension cables if need be.

As with my previous models the secondary analog (in this case the left analog character movement stick) presses against your leg. You use your arm to move the controller relative to your leg to actuate it.

The right analog stick (typically for aiming/camera movement in game) is placed by your thumb. The D-pad has been made into a spiky cross so it’s easier to feel the edges when you press it.