Single Handed Xbox One Controllers

How To Order

Cost per modified controller is $350 USD plus $10 shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

Use the links below to order, please select which hand you will be using with the controller:

Xbox One Single Handed Controller

For use with the LEFT hand

Xbox One Single Handed Controller

For use with the RIGHT hand

These controllers are built on a per-order basis. Turnaround time from your order to me shipping is typically around 2 weeks, depending on my schedule.

Notice: Because of continued slow shipping times and  lost packages, currently I am only fulfilling orders within the United States of America. No overseas orders will be accepted. If you have an overseas UPS/FedEx account you’d like to me use or can create a label, please email me to discuss.


  • One year of free repairs, just pay return shipping cost.
  • Reasonable repair rates after one year, typically $40-50 plus return shipping cost.
  • If the controller’s functionality doesn’t work for your situation you can return it for full refund (less your return shipping cost)

Please click here for more information and repair procedure instructions.

How The Single-Handed Xbox Controller Works

The theory of operation is to move all controls to one side of the controller so a person who only had the use of one hand can access everything.

The secondary analog trigger has been moved to the lower rear of the controller so it can be actuated with your middle finger.

The secondary analog has been moved to the bottom of the unit and enclosed inside a protective 3D printer shaft, which also doubles as an extended palm grip. For the left-handed controllers it is the right analog that is moved to the bottom (camera movement / aiming). For the right-handed controllers it is the left analog that has been moved (character movement).

The analog stick has a new custom 3D printed cap with laser-cut sandpaper grip on the bottom. The idea is you set this on your leg as you play. To move the secondary analog you actually tilt the controller itself, which in turn moves the analog stick using your leg as a pivot point.

Photos and Details

Product detail photos below. Click on any photo for a larger view.

Note: Typically I build these using white controllers as it’s easier to mark, mod and see things (my eyes aren’t getting any younger).

However if controller supplies are limited (such as during holidays) you may receive a controller of another color.

Right Handed version of the Xbox One Single Handed Controller
Front feature details
Rear feature details
Secondary trigger/analog details
If you find the lower secondary analog “drifting” based off your play style you can adjust these X-Y potentiometers with a small screwdriver to re-center it.
Large fins on the lower analog stick clearly indicate the Up Down Left Right directions for your gaming reference

Left Handed Controller Photos

The left handed version of the controller
Main difference between the left and right controllers is how the ABXY buttons are handled. For the left-handed version those buttons have been duplicated to be in range of your left hand thumb
All parts are 3D printed with colors that match the original controller
Unused sticks and other holes are covered with laser-cut color matching caps
The secondary analog/trigger on the left handed controller


How-To Videos

Setting up the lower analog adjustment knobs using the controller, a micro USB cable and a Windows PC.


Build Videos

I recently documented myself building one of these controllers (right handed version) Check it out below!