Single Handed Controllers


I am currently re-designing the Xbox One single handed controllers. My goal is to have them available in September of 2018. Features will include:

  • New and improved lower analog stick that doubles as an additional handle grip.
  • New secondary analog trigger that is far more ergonomic than our previous version.
  • No visible mod wires.
  • No visible hot glue.
  • Uses the newest XB1S controller which is Bluetooth compatible for use with non-XB1 devices (PC, smart phones, etc)
  • Hand-built by Ben Heck himself (since I am now retired from YouTube and have more time 🙂

Thank you for your patience, and keep an eye on this website for product availability.

On this page you can easily order one of my Single Handed Gaming Controllers for Accessibility Use.

They are currently available ONLY for the Xbox One. This is due to complexities with hacking the PS4 which are beyond my control. We’re hoping to make a PS4 version soon however. Last-gen controllers (360/PS3) are also no longer available.



  • Controllers are shipped via USPS priority mail to addresses within the United States of America only.
  • There are 2 Paypal links below, one for left-handed controllers and one for right-handed controllers. This refers to the hand the user will beholding it with. Click the one you need.
  • When filling out the Paypal information be sure to include the shipping address you’d like the controller sent to.
  • Controllers will only be shipped to your confirmed Paypal address.
  • I prefer to use new controllers in my builds and this is part of the cost. However if you’d like to send in a clean and working XB1 controller for a $45 discount, please please contact Felix.
  • If your controller needs repair in the future please contact Felix. Most repairs are simple and will be at a nominal cost, if any. (You are responsible for shipping it back to us, however)


A right-handed version of the controller


How the second analog stick works


Analog triggers are both on the same side