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New and improved Controller Monitor

I have recently completed the prototype for my latest game latency Controller Monitor and am now taking orders for this new design. It functions as the older models did, but with several improvements:

  • L3 / R3 indicators.
  • Microcontroller based (Arduino compatible PIC32) for firmware updates and customizable code. Set sensitivity as constants, use spare I/O for external devices, etc.
  • Configuration menu where you can calibrate your controller. Can show very precise, slight movements on the analogs (such as to read “false” movements when your tester presses L3 or R3)
  • Debug information via the serial/USB plug.
  • Set external LSTTL level triggers based off certain inputs. “Arm” your camera on certain events, and “record” at others. (such as aim gun, fire gun)
  • 1500Hz of resolution should exceed your game code and high speed cameras, giving you as much reference data as possible.
  • 8′ cord which can detach from the wireless controller.
  • Includes a FREE STAND! Will wonders ever cease? Display unit measures 8″ x 8″ and is appx 1″ thick (not including Wonder Stand)

For more information and installation / ordering details, please visit the Controller monitor page.

PS3 Controller Monitor

Finally finished the prototype of the PlayStation 3 controller monitor. It is very similar to the Xbox 360 version that was first used in the development of Modern Warfare 2 and other games. Some notes:

  • No analog stick indicators yet. (The early 360 versions didn’t have these either)
  • Runs off its own power source (2 AA batteries)

If you feel this would be of use to your game development, please send me an email. I hope to improve this model with future versions.

Inside the controller. It uses a secondary, keyboard-like screen printed conductive ink surface (under the normal button plastic) to duplicate the buttons for the monitor display.

New Xbox 360 Controller Monitors

I have completed a batch of Xbox 360 controller monitors. These new versions use a PCB motherboard for fast turnaround time. If you think this would be of use for your game development company, please contact me for ordering info. More pics / info below, you can also check out the Sales Page.

Hey, the first game that one of these was used for is coming out soon – Modern Warfare 2! Maybe I’ll get a special thanks in the credits, who knows?

PS3 version prototype should be done in 2-3 weeks, stay tuned for more info.

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Regarding Controller Monitors

There’s been a lot of interest lately in my Controller Monitor. So I thought I’d reiterate some things about it for interested parties:

  1. Currently Xbox 360 only. I’ve been thinking about a PS3 version, it would require a different approach, but more importantly, would companies want it? Please let me know.
  2. Size of display is 8″ x 8″ x 1.5″. It connects via a 6′ cable to a wireless Xbox 360 controller. (Granted, it’s no longer “free of wires” but you know what I mean) There are screw holes in the four corners for mounting as you choose.
  3. The connector for the cable replaces the headphone / keyboard jack on the bottom of the controller. Charge & Play kits still fit.
  4. Display indicates the following: D-pad, A B X Y, left and right bumpers, left and right triggers, both analog sticks. Currently L3 / R3 (depressing the thumbsticks) is not represented.
  5. For the analog indicators there are 3 LED’s per direction. These indicate “any motion at all”, “halfway there” and “all the way over”.
  6. Cost is $650 US, includes controller. Shipping is extra.

If this sounds like something that would be useful for your company please drop me a line to discuss. I’m setting up a batch within the next few weeks.

Xbox 360 Controller Monitor (Rev 2)

Controller Monitor Rev 2

I have completed a new style of my Xbox 360 Controller monitor, which now includes indicators for the analog sticks, providing even more data for playtesting.

Currently these controllers are being used for playtesting on Modern Warfare 2, the new Wolfenstien game’s multiplayer, and this particular prototype for Mass Effect 2.

For more information, videos and to order one for your own company’s playtesting please visit the product page. I plan to do a run of these if there is sufficient interest.