Colecovision To Go

You know it’s funny, the only “old school” game system I’ve ever made portable is the Atari 2600. Everything else I’ve done is a lot newer… Until now!

Before there were Cabbage Patch Kids there was Connecticut Leather Goods Company Vision!

Yes that’s right, the classic Colecovision has now been made portable! While making it I remembered (or remembered how I forgot) how advanced it is compared to an Atari 2600, or even an Intellivision for that matter. Heck, its processor is quite a bit faster than a Nintendo’s even! Had the gaming crash not ended this console’s life who knows what might have happened?

Well anyway, if you’d like to take a look at the guts and read my typical “making of” shenanigans simply click here: Colecovision Portable Making Of. Enjoy!

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  1. how can i get one of these?? that is the coolest thing i have ever seen!! i still have my original ColecoVision and ATARI and all the games!! please let me know where i can buy one!

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