Still looking for NES on a Chips (NOAC’S)

I’m still looking for a good source of OEM NES on a chips (NOAC) I’ve had several leads but nothing has completely panned out yet. What I’d really love is one or two evaluation units (that I’d pay for of course) so I could design a PCB before buying a large number of the things.

I have enough different datasheets now to narrow down which is the most common model… seems to be a SMT QFP – 0.65mm pitch – 100 pin 20x30mm. Called either a NT6578, SH6578 or UM6578, depending on manufacturer.

If I could find NOAC’s like these for $10 a piece (or less), I believe I could make portable NES clones the same as my NES Micro (with 2.5″ screen) for $200 a unit. I think these would sell fine, my goal would be to make 100 units. So if anyone can help, let me know!

Note: I don’t want links to IC wholesalers or anything like that – I could find those myself. I’m looking for people who may have access to them directly, and could possibly help with samples. Thanks…

5 thoughts on “Still looking for NES on a Chips (NOAC’S)”

  1. Hi mate did you manage to find any NOAC or SNOAC?
    I would also be interested in buying a few for fun.

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