Podcast Episode 111


Or Episode 7 in binary. This month’s super-long episode includes:

    • Software as Service
      • The end of Windows and OS’s as we know them?
      • Who actually owns your cloud data?
      • Will cloud data ever perform as fast as local solutions?
    • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
      • Ben finally buys the game. We discuss the online phenomenon!
      • What about Fortnite? Is it any good?
      • Why does Ben taste everything?
    • Jones wants to buy a Nintendo Switch
      • The totally real term, but why is it never used?
      • We discuss common distances in MEGAMETERS for no reason whatsoever.
    • Movie Chat!
      • Parker reviews Ready Player One.
      • Re-visiting The Last Jedi – now on home video!
      • Will super Star Wars fanboy Jones go see Han Solo: A Star Wars Story?


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The flash storage company we discuss during the episode: