Podcast Episode 92


Squeezed this one out before heading on my fishing trip. Topics this month include:

  • Several off-tangent rants.
    • New trend of adding or removing “The”
    • Windows 10 automatically installing on people’s computers
    • “Exciting” real time action as Ben tries to add something to the Windows 10 start menu
    • Ben has not seen any movies in a theater so far this year – WTF?
    • Why did Microsoft buy LinkedIn?
  • Xbox One S, Scorpio, and PS4 Neo.
    • What we think of the new consoles
    • Why we believe they’re being made
    • The future of XBox, PC and gaming in general
    • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games and Microsoft’s big push in cross-compatibility
    • Jones plays a retauk Oculus Rift!
  • Our E3 Stories
    • Forget the online hype, we tell you what it’s REALLY like going there!
    • Don’t eat the convention food and other tales!
  • Uncharted VS Tomb Raider
    • Ben recently completed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    • Why Ben feels the Tomb Raider reboot series is now better
    • Ben’s “Bane” (Tom Hardy version) impressions


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