Podcast Episode 98


We decided to see what would happen if we had NO TOPICS WHATSOEVER! Joining us once again is Parker Dillmann from Macrofab!

And here’s what happened:

    • What exactly were the Cider House Rules?
    • Worst Videogame Movies?
      • Super Mario Bros.
      • Street Fighter The Movie
    • Is Mario’s hat… ALIVE???
      • Didn’t Zelda have a living hat once too?
      • Did Link and Zelda ever get it on? Will they in “Breath of the Wild”? Is Link in the friend zone?
      • Is being a Jedi an STD?
      • ROAD HOUSE!
    • Why the hell does Ben think Back to the Future should be remade?
      • A teen from 2017 in 1985 would be FAR more out of place than a teen from 1985 in 1955.
      • “Time Boy”
      • Logan’s Run would also be a good movie to remake because the theme has become more relevant with time.
      • Ben also wants a Rocketeer remake, but who could replace Jennifer Connelly?
    • Ben Affleck no longer directing “The Batman” – but WHY?
      • Which of our friends could or could not fight each other based off our mother’s names.
    • A long tangent about Diane Lane Amy Adams Shared Universe
      • We try out
      • The Nintendo Switch, which has nothing to do with Diane Lane (unless she pre-ordered one)
      • Arms: The Sequel to Lips.
      • Cargo pants VS Parachute pants.
      • Does Charlie Sheen have enough money to beat AIDS?
      • Ben’s idea for a TV show called “Death Race”.
    • New podcasting software Zencastr
      • All new websites have “E’s” missing.
      • What are “Gray Jedis”?
      • Why do Stormtroopers even wear armor?
      • Captain Phasma sucks!
      • Will they digitally bring back Carrie Fisher?


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