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8-Bit Computers






Neo Geo MVS

Xbox – Microsoft


  • Audio FX 5+1 Headset
  • Access Controller
  • Guitar Hero Single-Handed pedal controller

Other Projects


Somewhat portable PC built inside an empty beer box (Back when I was too cheap to buy a laptop) Unfortunately now it has been mostly stripped for wires, sockets and plugs since the computer itself was mostly worthless.

An “awesome” game I programmed for the Atari 800 computer. In BASIC no less! Run this baby with an emulator or a real Atari if you have an SIO2PC cable. Will provide seconds, if not minutes of fun!

Note – this list does not include projects found in my book. To see those portables please check the book section.


  1. […] things i like about portables is the fact that there is a lot of home brewed stuff for them. i can use fruity loops (a music creator) with the ds and it would feel and work awesome to jot down ideas on the go. as far as backwards compatibility goes, you can always download an emulator to the psp i’m sure. oh and for the truly handheld ps2 check out ben heck (The Official Site of Benjamin J Heckendorn) […]

  2. […] for charity about a year back. If I remember right, the auctions got about 30,000 all together. The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn I think this is a list of all the projects he has done. Now you should all bow down to the sheer […]