A new VCSp!

Wow, non-Port Washington news for a change! Weird, huh?

This is a custom Atari 2600 VCS portable I built for someone. I decided to finally use a 5″ PS1 screen for an Atari portable since I haven’t before. I call this the “Pancake Atari” because that’s what it reminds me of.

For some making-of info and photos of the guts, visit the Atari Pancake Page.

It’s light colored, shades of off-white. Isn’t it amazing how anything Apple builds immediately sets the standard for all electronics (color designs) for the next few years? Not just the white iPod, remember the “translucent neon-colored case” trend of the late 90’s? That was started by the iMac. And I’m sure some Apple product started the “brushed aluminum” trend of the early 2000’s. Just an observation…

This will probably be the last portable I make for a month or so, as I’m taking some time off from movies/portables/using my brain in general. Hopefully in May I’ll return with a vengeance!

Be sure to stop by on Saturday April 1st to download and watch my new full-length movie Port Washington! Plus this Sunday the soundtrack will be available for download off the PW site, so you can jam out to that.

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