AMH Debug 4-8-14

It’s audio video day on Debug Week From Hell. I can only program so long as I must do laundry tonight, meaning I have to be home, awake, for at least 2 hours. Might take a Titanfall break.

  • Working on name entry bugs – transitions from name entry screen to Match screen back to attract mode.
  • Working on high score EEPROM write bug.
  • Speeding up time between last ball drain and name entry / Match animation.
  • EEPROM appears to be fine, it’s the final videos of a game / transition back to Attract Mode that is mucked up. Time to un-muck.
  • A gift to myself – I can go home as soon as I figure out this particular bug (since it’s the only game-breaking A/V locking-up one left)
  • Speeding up time between drain / next ball or player (bit of a blank there!)

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