AMH Debug 5-1-14

Very close now, just tweaking a few things:

  • Wizard Mode is now in game, and achievable (good luck Allentown)
  • Fixed some end-of-multiball issues with music not resuming, mode total not being display.
  • Fixed issue with game “forgetting” about Hellavator MB if you stack Minion MB onto it.
  • Added “Flippy Ghost” video mode (spell WIKI, TECH & PSYCHIC, start mode by shooting ghost)
  • Added “color prompts” to GI. Each mode has a color (minion = blue, ghost bosses = green, MB = magenta) Making shots towards modes briefly flashes their color to guide player. MB and Minion already did now, now Ghost Investigation Shots do too.
  • Changed countdown “seconds” timer to more accurately represent actual seconds 🙂 Bit longer than actual seconds, but feel right.
  • Increased some seconds allowed amounts to reflect new, faster timers.

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