Another PW update

Alright, all the music for Port Washington is now done. Just a few odds and ends to tighten up and the movie will be finished. Naturally they’ll be a big announcement on this site the day it occurs.

In the weeks leading up to the web release I’ll be bringing a special Port Washington section of this site online. It’ll include the links to the downloadable QuickTime versions of the movie, plus trailers, assorted info and an MP3 version of the soundtrack.

In other news…

PW has consumed almost all of my time for the last month, but with it drawing to a close I can begin work on other projects and continue others. Including:

1) A new low-budget horror movie! Yes, out of the frying pan and into the fire. This will be along the lines of “Lizard of Death” but be an emulation of a modern crappy direct-to-video movie. Think something you’d see on the Sci Fi channel, but with more blood, guts and guns. We’re also going to try and film it entirely in 1 weekend, which would be a far cry from the time spent on PW 😉 Probably will film in July. Should be fun, more updates as we progress.

2) Hey I might have found a good source of NOAC’s! (NES on a chips) Sounds promising, I hope to do a prototype within a month or two, and perhaps roll out larger numbers of them by summer. Stay tuned!

3) The Ghost Town documentary shoot has been moved back to August/September. There were weather concerns for a March shoot, and this gives us more prep time anyway. I’m doing both the ghost documentary and the horror movie with the guys from One Man Down Productions, the idea is that doing the quickie horror movie first will give us some warm-up time working together.

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