Atari VCSp Review

“” emailed me with his review of the VCSp…

“I love the VCSp. I have a very large collection of classic video
games and this is by far the coolest things in my collection!!! I thank you
for the rare opportunity to own this great item. The Atari 2600 is back.”
-Owner of the Atari VCSp and ATARITRADER.COM 

I’m glad he liked it! Now, for the rest of you… The Atari VCSp Rev 3 is getting close. Actually, it’s built and sitting on my workbench right now. I’m having an issue with the joy pad controller that I can hopefully resolve in a couple hours. (Basically just means I used the wrong tactile switches)

Check the R & D section (to the right) for all the latest info on the Rev 3! I hope to have good news soon!

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