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Shop Moving Information

From October 23rd to the 31st we will be finishing up the closure of the old Ben Heck Show Shop.

This time will be extremely busy for me, so any new orders during that time will be deferred to the beginning of November. (Accessibility controllers or Controller Monitors for development)

Any controllers desired for Christmas delivery (in the United States) should be placed by December 10th.

Thanks for your patience during this very busy time period!



Ghost Squad Episode 2: Finished Edition Coming this Halloween!

Last year we released Ghost Squad Episode 2.

I say “released” because it wasn’t quite finished the way we wanted before we ran out of time to make the Halloween release date.

This Halloween we’ll be releasing the actual finished version if you care to watch it and totally not even notice what we changed/improved. Stay tuned!

Old, totally incomplete version below:


New Single Handed Xbox One Controllers On The Way!

I am currently re-designing the Xbox One single handed controllers. My goal is to have them available in September of 2018. Features will include:

  • New and improved lower analog stick that doubles as an additional handle grip.
  • New secondary analog trigger that is far more ergonomic than our previous version.
  • No visible mod wires.
  • No visible hot glue.
  • Uses the newest XB1S controller which is Bluetooth compatible for use with non-XB1 devices (PC, smart phones, etc)
  • Hand-built by Ben Heck himself (since I am now retired from YouTube and have more time : )

Thank you for your patience, and keep an eye on this website for product availability.

Right-handed prototype photos below:

New Atari 800 Computer Handheld!

Atari 800 Handheld

For the final project of The Ben Heck Show I built an all-new original hardware Atari 800 handheld!

Unlike my past Atari computer laptops this uses the original IC’s with an all-new custom circuit board. It also fits in your hand and runs off Li-Po batteries.

-> Click here for the detailed Making Of Story <-

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