Be sure to attend the Midwest Gaming Classic!

Every summer there’s a swell classic gaming expo here in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin called the Midwest Gaming Classic. Taking place on the weekend of June 9th and 10th, it has become quite the show and, in my opinion, surpasses the Classic Gaming Expo out west. Here’s a handy visual reference of the location:

The heart of the Midwest, as seen from space.

The show is a lot of fun with many great vendors, a museum, food area, demonstrations and – last year at least – cheap beer! As an added bonus I will be speaking and doing a panel at the show, so if for some strange reason you’d like to see me “live, in person, one night only!” here’s your chance.

If you’re anywhere remotely close and like videogames you should think about coming. Did I mention the loads of arcade machines and pinballs, all set to free play? Check out their site for more details, and we’ll see ya there!

4 thoughts on “Be sure to attend the Midwest Gaming Classic!”

  1. Ich komme aus Green Bay, Wisconsin, aber ich bin in Deutschland während dieses Sommer. Quatsch! Leider kann ich nicht dieses Jahr kommen.

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