Ben Heck Show 12 – DIY Can Cooler

In today’s episode of the Ben Heck Show we take a viewer request to make a Peltier-based can cooler. Turns out pretty cool!

This is also our first episode with our camera operator, plus it has a special cameo at the end  – my sister! Enjoy…

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Also, anyone looking to commission work / buy something, before emailing, check out this page which contains most of my prices.

7 thoughts on “Ben Heck Show 12 – DIY Can Cooler”

  1. Hey Ben,

    Cool show on the soda cooler but I am not an engineer and would like to replicate your project. I am having the most trouble understanding the electronic portion with the built in cut off switch. I have no electrical no how so could you do a cut in and SLOW it down so anyone could figure it out.

    Thanks Again,


  2. So in the end no fans were used on the heatsinks? What if you added more, more powerful junctions? Enough to cool it in under a minute (who needs green when I can have cold soda now).

    How much would it cost for the machined parts?

  3. Using Thermal epoxy instead of superglue to put together the aluminum cooler would have helped too.

  4. Hi ben I’m new to ur projects and website but I like ur work and I was wondering what I should build or take apart being a BEGGINNER at this stuff

    Please reply, thanks in advance

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