Ben Heck Show Episode 9 the CNC Menace

The latest episode of my show is now online at Revision3 and element14!

In this episode we set up a CNC machine and immediately use it to start building pinball machines. We also discuss some embedded processor basics and using shift registers as I/O devices.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on my YouTube channel for deleted scenes and extra footage from episodes.


13 thoughts on “Ben Heck Show Episode 9 the CNC Menace”

  1. I’ve loved all of the shows, but I’m really excited to be seeing pinball stuff now. Plus, thanks to you, I finally understand shift registers. The CNC machine looks like it’s going to be an amazing investment for the likes of you, Ben. Great show!

  2. Just have to say that your show is stupidly hard to find on the web, and by that I mean finding an easy to navigate collection of the shows.

    Let me explain.

    Google search ‘ben heck show’ top sponsored link is to the element 14 site, but when you get there you’re greeted with a popup that asks if you want the shop or the community and if you click either you end up NOT on the show.

    Then if you come again (a cookie must the be set) you can get to the show page which is always the last ep. Except there’s no title, nothing to indicate what episode you’re currently on, and the rest of the page layout is equally NOT suited to a show.

    I know they’re sponsoring it, and I know they are a great online store etc. but they REALLY need to streamline how the show is presented.

    (The the second google result is from your initial announcement of the show which is uber out of date).

    I always eventually find my way to the show and work out if I’m at the last episode I watched or not, but it’s not as clean and easy as it should be.

  3. Just saw an ad for your show at Glad to see they’re actually advertising you at places of geek culture.

  4. @ Kyosho

    Was that before or after you watched the show? The ads that display are usually heavily based on browsing history/cookies and I’m not sure they would be there unless you had watched an ep before or had searched something very similar to it. Once I watched the show, there were ads for it everywhere, like tons of them. Unfortunately, they most likely aren’t as widely shown as they seem.

  5. Oh. Well that’s disappointing. I don’t exactly clear out my cookies often, and I’ve watched every episode of the show as they came out.

  6. I would like to see a design for a game controller made like a RC controller with a fire button it.
    If Ben could make one it would be great because there just aren’t any around.

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